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Blog: Monday, Feb 13

don't have kids

ever wonder why singaporeans speak bad english? well, not all singaporeans but almost most.you hear them everywhere.neighbors. students. consultants. beauty queens.the list goes on.and i just found out Why.it's the parents.when kids are young, specially when they are toddlers,parents talk to them in this 'cutezy' manner.haven't you heard them speak?''Oh! see the bird bird!''''ger-ger, come come.''''hot hot! slowly eat soup.''''don't run run then you fall!''''hug hug'' ''kiss kiss'' ''pee pee''serious. serious. why the need to repeat to words?and its worst when these kids mumble sentences.they need to learn how to enunciate.parents need to learn that how they talk, speak and interactwith their toddlers will result in how their babies will end upspeaking, behaving and interact in their grown lives.so if you are a parent, please start now.speak good english.or don't have kids.the choice is urs.

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