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Why Christmas for lovers?

Merry Christmas to you!

I don't understand why the Japanese people celebrate this event.

Tho it is true that most of the hotels are booked on Christmas Eve by all the love-love couples around Japan, and that something had transformed this wonderful family event into a cheap materialistic act.

It all started from a magazine called AnAn, in 1983 which titled one of their featured articles,  "Christmas for lovers". Ever since then, each year, we're tricked by its marketing slogan. great.

As a matter of fact, today, I wore my Xmas sweater and did my gift-givng to my staff. Consequently it made me happy, so cheers for that.

After all, I like this strange kinda identity crisis.

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas day!!!!!!!!!!!!

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yes, Christmas in Japan is so strange. people outside of japan are always mystified when i try to explain it to them. thanks for shedding some light on how it got that way! メーリー クリスマス!
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