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abc Cooking studio

I've been taking cooking lessons since last year I usually go to the one located inside Midtown (the newest mall in Roppongi) but the "abc cooking studio" has recently opened another studio in Ginza, and so I went.

Such a high tech cooking studio man!

Two TV screens on each walls which shows the teacher's live cooking, one of live cam on the cook board and one of live cam on the IH panel. note: the IH panel incorporated the cutting edge touch panel technology.

It felt as if I was simultaneously preparing dinner while watching a cooking program on TV.Here's what I made: Foisgras on rice and veggies, and prosciutto-grapefruit salad 080121_191322.jpg At this studio, beverages (including wine!) are all you can drink...

Check out the view too;)


The improvement of cooking classes amazes me.

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wow, impressive work! can i take a class on how to reheat pizza? ;-)
over 16 years ago
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etchy! scary how technology corrupts us
over 16 years ago


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