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I just came back from Christina Aguilera's concert!!! One show in China only! She's so freakin' talented!!! She gave a fantastic show!

She sang all her hits of course...including Beautiful and Hurt, which almost brought me to tears. Fighter sounded awesome and she did Lady Marmelade with ease! Her costumes were glittery and colourful and her back up dancers were great too!

I got there a little bit late, coz I had to wait for a friend of mine to pick me up. Unfortunately we ...Read more

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flying fish

Just wanna share something quickly with everybody. This is one of my favorite dishes in Bali! It's called flying fish! I've developed a craving for it! It's so nice and crispy on the outside and so tender on the inside...

I was looking at the pics of all the food, but most of them are blurry! Darn! Must have been hoovering and drooling to close above it to take the pics!

Hm... hungry now...


只是想分享一點很快與大家. 這是我最喜愛的菜餚在巴厘島! 它被稱為飛魚! 我制定了一個 開眼! 有這麼好的事,外脆,所以在標書內...Read more

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I'm back!

I'm back in Shanghai!

Bali was amazing! I got to do so many things that I've always wanted to do. The website for the show is still under construction, but there's gonna be a lot of vids and photo's posted on it. We'll also be blogging and writing down our whole Bali experience.

Need to catch up on some sleep though, we only slept a few hours every day, coz the schedule was tight. It kinda feels like a blur when I look back on it, like I was floating. It was incred...Read more

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Hi Ya'll!!!

I'm on Gili island right now!!! The internet is really slow and this is the first time I'm able to check my email etc...

We were in Bali for a few days and then came to Gili by boat. So far it's been amazing!!! We've been staying at really nice luxurious places and doing very adventurous things!!!! The food is great, the people are great, the places we have been going to are just amazing!!!!

I'm not allowed to say much yet... Read more

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One more night...

I went on a last minute shopping spree to get stuff for my trip!

Some caps, flip flops, tops and shorts...Most of the clothing for the shoot is gonna be sponsored by a local sportsbrand, so I don't need to bring that much! That way I can bring some more souvenirs back for my friends! Somebody suggested to get some Bali sea salt! Sounds nice...

Have started packing... I'm not really into the packing a few days in advance kind a thing... There's always stuff I need till right before I leave. Cosmetics etc. Haha! I ...Read more

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More partying...

Hey everybody!

I went to the gym today. I quite like taking the spinning classes now... You can lose between 400 and 600 calories in one class! That means I can eat more, haha!

I also sorted out some travel insurance and contracts today... Stuff like that needs to be done too...

Then I went to the opening of a Korean restaurant in the Gubei area... It was quite nice... I love Korean food! There was a nice buffet and lots of wine... After that I went to the opening of a new club called MAO which is located on Hengshan ...Read more

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My ticket to Bali has been booked! I will be leaving next week! So excited!

That calls for a celebration!

I had a nice cappucino at Coffeebean and then I went to the Millionaire Fair. It's originally a Dutch event where the top names of the international and national luxury goods industry get together to present their most beautiful and most exclusive products and services to a selective public. Two of my friends...Read more

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Bikinis and Hotpot

Woke up very early this morning!

I walked to the studio, which was only a few minutes away from my home for the photo shoot for my next project, a tv show.

The shoot went great! I had met the two other hosts before at another shoot, but we didn't have the chance to chat then. I got them to know a bit better, they're very cool girls! Our first outfits were bikinis...hm... I've been dreading this, coz I still haven't lost all of my winterfat yet. But everybody said that I had lost weight since the 1st shoot ...Read more

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Hi y'all!

Hope everybody is enjoying their weekend!

I had such a nice and relaxed Saturday. I did some shopping and then I went to a friend's house... She had a lot of people over and there was a lot of yummy fooood! Hehe...

I've been going to the gym a lot to tone up for my tv show starting from next month! This monday I will be doing a photo shoot for that project.

We've already started brainstorming on the production of Musical Moments 2007! It will take place in Hong Kong later this year!!!

...Read more
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The Way of the Dragon

Dear friends,

I just got home from a little get together with some friends.

The occasion was to watch the movie "The Way of The Dragon" because my good friend John plays the big boss in it. It's been a while since I watched any Bruce Lee movies, he's just amazing...

John was telling us how it was to work with Bruce, about the other actors and how and where they shot this movie etc....it's always cool to hear those background stories...

I think we're watching "Fearless" ...Read more

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