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No trip to London is complete without visiting Covent Garden! Enjoying a yummy pain au chocolat here! Wish @mariagraciano1 could have been here tooooo! 💖 #throwbacktolastweek 📸Amelia

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Happy 29th anniversary to Miss Saigon, the musical that had a huge influence on my life. I can still clearly recall the feeling of being in awe when I watched Miss Saigon as a little girl right here at Theatre Royal Drury Lane! I hoped that one day I could be on stage as well just like all those talented performers in the show! ❤️❤️❤️

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This is me in Tell Me On A Sunday! I luv fanart!! 💖

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I had such a fun London-trip. On my first day I attended the gala night for Heathers the musical, what a GREAT production! Really loved it! ❤️

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Digging this quote. 🧡

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Life is like a game of chess 😁💪🦋

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One of my favorite shows, RENT! And not just because I played Mimi in the Dutch production. The music will never ever get old! Congrats to the international touring cast on the premiere in Shanghai!!! I was moved to tears! ❤️💖💜

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Worldwide Jaguar E-Pace launch with a custom-made show showcasing 36 musical performers and spokesperson Jing Tian Ruan.

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Leo season!!! 🦁💪💖

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“Dancing Through Life” 🎶😄💃🏻❤️

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Shanghai, China & Amsterdam, Holland
May 14, 2007