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Apple Arrives!

Its finally here! Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, our fair city has finally gotten our very own Apple Store! And you know what that means...GENIUS BAR!! Woo-Hoo! Gone are the days of cramming into a tiny little computer store praying that within the next hour you may get one of the shop attendant's attention long enough for him to actually help with whatever Mac computer related question you may have. Gone are the days of dodgy technical help and yes, gone are the days of your personal photos suspiciously ending up on the internet for the world...Read more

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Haha! Guess who???| 哈哈!猜猜我們是誰 |哈哈!猜猜我們是誰

Haha! Guess who???



|...Read more

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On the way | 出發 |出發

On the way to GZ for Mont Blanc event




出發前往廣州太古匯商場萬寶龍...Read more

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a helicopter driven by Michael Wong| 由王敏德駕駛的直升機| 由王敏德駕駛的直升機

On my way to the BW Watch  event in the most glamarous  taxi ever...a helicopter  driven by Michael Wong!


乘坐最豪華的交通工具前往Bremont 派對途中~ 由王敏德駕駛的直升機

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Calling all supermodel wannabe's! We're casting right now to round out our group of model's and possible future models that will be taking part in the reality show Supermodel Me Season 3. We are looking for girls between the ages of 15-27 years old of Asian or Eurasian ethnicity. We will be filming in and around Singapore with myself as the host. And no you don't need to be based in this region, you can be from anywhere! So if anyone is interested you can fill out an entry form at Read more

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Girls like sparkly things

Went to the Chopard shop opening last night at IFC Mall in Hong Kong. I think i actually drooled all over one of the showcases. What is it about shiny sparkly stones that turns me to mush?? Anyways, here's me at the event plotting how i can make it to the exit with the gems still on me without getting taken out by their massive bodyguards. Hey, a girl can dream right?

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Channel V Fun

Every Wednesday we shoot the VCD (Video Countdown) for Channel V at K11 in Tsim Tsa Tsui in Hong Kong. Today I shot with my co-host Cliff Ho. It was fun but REALLY hot, oh...and as usual they made us dress up in silly and slightly embarrassing outfits. This is mine. At least today they only made me wear goggles. I've had to parade around in front of many tv viewers making an ass out of myself. Its a lot of fun but gotta say that sometimes my pride takes a bit of a beating :-)

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Today event's |今日出席活動|今日出席活動

Did an event today with children. They were so cute! And they had so much confidence. I think they might steal my job as a model hahaha!

So much fun today hanging out with the cute kids!

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Australian Fine Wine Auction in Shanghai|上海首次澳洲高端葡萄酒拍賣會|上海首次澳洲高端葡萄酒拍卖会

I love Australian wine. if you do too, you must attend Shanghai's first Australian Fine Wine Auction. They will auction off some of the best wines from Australia, definitely some of my favorites! Head to GUOPAI 108 Fuzhou Road, August 28th from 12pm. Enjoy!

|澳洲葡萄酒是我的最爱。如果你也喜爱澳洲葡萄酒,那就一定要参加上海首次澳洲高端葡萄酒拍卖会,当天进行拍卖的都是澳洲最好的葡萄酒,其中好几款都是我钟爱的!拍卖会时间地址:上海市福州路108号,国拍,8月28日中午12点。祝愉快!|澳洲葡萄酒是我的最爱。如果你也...Read more

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my fav product |我最喜歡的產品| 我最喜欢的产品

Hahaha! Hard selling my favorite product Kamill, you can buy it in HK!

| 硬銷Kamill 產品中,香港有售!哈哈!

|硬销Kamill产品中,香港有售!哈哈! Read more

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