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high school sucked! | 糟糕的高中生活!

Got a question in my guest book about when I reached my full height, and if I fit in in school. Oh how that question got me reminiscing on how thoroughly I did NOT enjoy high school. Yes I did reach full height in high school. No, I did not fit in that well. Not only was I this height, but I was not a master at the art of hair spraying my bangs into a foot high tsunami wave, (Anyone who was in high school in the U.S. around the same time as myself will know exactly what hairstyle I’m talking about), I was a baggy tie-dye t-sh...Read more

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Boo Hoo Hoo!!!

Back in Hk, and kinda bummed. Although I’ve learned to appreciate some things in Hong Kong, such as the efficiency of the medical system, I’ve come to realize, I’m pretty homesick. I love New York! It’s the simple things like getting a toasted bagel with cream cheese delivered to your doorstep at 3 a.m. or having a plethora of interesting and diverse things to do on your off time. Anyways, I vow to return in the not so distant future!  I was really really happy though to get home to my daughter, Chiquita!

Of  course, as soon as I retur...Read more

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What the future holds...

Went to the Museum of Natural history today, and found it dusty and run down. It's a shame. I loved it as a kid. The only thing that even got a mild reaction out of me, other then the obvious gem room, were these two neanderthals, apparently taking a gentle stroll, while casually embracing each other, through the tundra. This just made me laugh. Silly... This is what I imagine me and my "significant other" to look like when we are 95 .

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Some questions answered...

Thanks to everyone for commenting on my blog, photos, and guestbook. I am so surprised that people actually are interested. That’s so cool of you guys! Anyways, I am going to answer some of the questions that have been posted in those areas.

First of all, yes I still ride. Unfortunately, I don’t get to ride as much as I want to, but I’m not complaining with my once a week. It’s better then nothing. Luckily, Hong Kong has very beautiful facilities at the Hong Kong Jockey Club  Stables at Tuen Mun. The horses are in excellent...Read more

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Central Park Zoo

Went to the zoo the other day for the first time in like 15 years. It's a lot smaller then I remember it, and I think they took away some of the animals. I'm not too sure... I guess when you're a child everything seems enormous and vast. Anyways, here are some pics. This is the creepiest thing in the zoo. Bats. There were about a hu...Read more

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Sleepy in NYC

Day 4 in New York and life is still a jet-lagged blur. Got over-ambitious the first day and went for a "walk". Two hours and 20 something blocks and avenues later I was somewhere in the west village. The thing is I don't really remember the walk over there. Anyways, realising that if I didn't get horizontal quickly I was going to end up passing out face down in a NY gutter, I grabbed a cab and went home. Passed out at 9. Aren't I just the life of the party! Decided to take days 2 and 3 much more s-l-o-w-l-y. The cloud of c...Read more

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First Blog baby!!!!

        Hello everybody! Welcome to my blog! Gosh, I feel all grown up now… Got my very own blog! Can you tell this is my first? Anyways, I hope I can keep up the “blogging”, and I will try my best. 

I am so happy this community has been started. It’s about time these amazingly talented bands and other various artists are given a voice where they can express themselves and network. I’m really honored to now, in some little way, be a part of it.

What am I up to? Working and preparing for my long awaited tr...Read more

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