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Road to recovery | 痊愈中

I'm sure most of you have read about the traumatic week Daniel and I had last week on his blog.  I was completely unable to write about the whole situation, it hurt too much, so I left that up to him. But after reading all the wonderful and caring comments that were left, I had to say a BIG thank you to you all.  Thank you for all the positive thoughts and prayers.  Yes it was one of the most devastating weeks of my life. But with the support of my amazing boyfriend and some strong and patient friends I managed to get through it al...Read more

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Gong Hei Fat Choi!

Happy Chinese New Year!! Hope everyone has a prosperous and lucky year of the rat!  I spent the New Year in Beijing and it was COLD!!!!! I love the cold though. It reminds me of winters on the Northern East coast of the states.  I also love Beijing. What an awesome town! Everytime I go I like it more and more. Hopefully this year I can spend more time up there.

This trip spent some time with good friends, and also got to meet some cool new ones. As usual, ate until exploding point every night, and yes, of course, there was a lot o...Read more

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Hello All! | 大家好!

I'm back, back, back! Where did I disappear to, you may ask? Well, at the end of last year, when I essentially disappeared off the blogging radar, I was in fact in and around the area of HK working my little tail off. Mall events galore! It blows my mind how many malls an itty bitty little place like HK has...

    Anyways, after a brief visit to Japan for Xmas, I finally embarked on my long awaited yearly sabbatical in South Africa. It was a much needed, and much deserved if I may say so myself, 3 week break for my skin, hair, a...Read more

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Be prepared to laugh your *** off | 準備好了被嘲笑

'Tis the season for crazy outfits. I just love this time of year... | “這是本季最新瘋狂時裝,我最愛這個時刻…”

I was speechless too when I looked at this photo | 看到這張照片時,我自己都目瞪口呆了

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Back From Hangzhou | 從杭州回來

Just got back from a 3 day stint in Hangzhou, China. The self-proclaimed "Most Beautiful City in China ", as one local TV commercial proudly stated.  It is, indeed, a beautiful city, and the people seem to have more of a country disposition than in most other big cities in China. Well, except for this one guy who jumped the taxi cue last night at the hotel, and when confronted by these two pint size featherweight girls proceeded to get in their faces, tell them he was going to do nasty things to their mothers, and shout...Read more

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Long time no blog... | 很長時間沒寫博客…

Alright. My fingers are a little rusty but I think I can do this. Yes, its been a while. I've been very busy doing stuff. In between all that stuff I went to Hawaii with the AnD boys and others, worked on my tan, caught up on some sleep, and watched Finishing The Game. That movie's got style! It's also hilariously funny. A definite must see if it comes to a theater near you! Anyways, I'm sure you've read enough about Hawaii from everybody else's blog, so all I need to say is it ROCKED!

Came b...Read more

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Sanya, a pleasant surprise | 三亞,愉快的驚喜

I've just returned from Sanya, China, where I was one of the judges for the "New Silk Road Model Competition". I'd always heard that it was the "Hawaii of China". Although I was working pretty hard there, and therefore didn't get to see much, what I did see was really beautiful. Very clean, friendly people, and zero traffic (that means barely any pollution). I stayed in this huge hotel, that had the biggest swimming pool I had ever seen in my life, and the best yellow chili hot sauce I&#...Read more

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Busy, busy, busy | 忙,忙,忙

I know...long time no write... Been very busy as everyone who lives in Hong Kong is, and have also made a few trips up to China for some work. China, as usual, had its ups and downs.  Although I can honestly say this time it had more ups than downs.

|  我知道…有很長時間沒寫博客了…象每個在香港的人一樣,我非常非常忙。因為工作去了幾趟內地,內地跟往常一樣,有優點也有缺點。但誠實地說,這次的優點多於缺點。 |  我知道…有很长时间没写博客了…象每个在香港的人一样,我非常非常忙。因为工作去了几趟内地,内地跟往常一样,有优点也有缺点。但诚实地说,这次的优点多于缺点。

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Burnt in Boracay | 灼燒長灘島

Just got back from a short four day trip to Boracay. I was there shooting a one off travel show for ATV. Beautiful island. The water is possibly the clearest water I've ever seen. It has been such a long time since I've been anywhere near water that crystal clear and sand that fine and white, that I, a swimming pools only kinda gal because there are no large fish to eat you, spent a good two hours frolicking in the ocean. There were a lot of tourists around but we managed to find some somewhat secluded spots to film.

<...Read more
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high school sucked! | 糟糕的高中生活!

Got a question in my guest book about when I reached my full height, and if I fit in in school. Oh how that question got me reminiscing on how thoroughly I did NOT enjoy high school. Yes I did reach full height in high school. No, I did not fit in that well. Not only was I this height, but I was not a master at the art of hair spraying my bangs into a foot high tsunami wave, (Anyone who was in high school in the U.S. around the same time as myself will know exactly what hairstyle I’m talking about), I was a baggy tie-dye t-sh...Read more

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