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"The king leaps the insane asylum broken taboo "

Back in LA for all of two days after a great trip to San Antonio. An update with photos to come. I am trying to get ready to leave town for the month!!

My friend and videographer, Paul, figured out how to translate that Chinese article that was done about my show using Babelfish.

The result is pure poetry! I may use it in a future show. Check it out!

The stage play demonstrated the Asian feminine psychologically healthy question directs the intense sympathetic chordThe king leaps the insane asylum broken taboo

[ Newspaper Reporter Wu Jian on March 5 Los Angeles reported ] person of Chinese descent free writer concurrently performing artist Wang Tina (Kristina Wong) from arranged self-directed had reflected the Asian feminine psychological question "King Leapt Insane asylum" for the subject stage play (Wong Flew Over Cuckoo Nest). This play has caused the Asian feminine teachers' and students' intense sympathetic chord in 南加州 the universities, colleges and institutes. Wang Tina through the stage play form, unfolded to the audience to think aloud acted like a madman Asian feminine image. This play explained about the Asian feminine psychologically healthy taboo topic, obtained many person of sympathetic chords.The body for third generation's people of Chinese descent, Wang Tina is a free writer, the actor, the social activities and the movie producer. "My paternal grandmother now or did not know I am making any." According to Wang Tina introduced that, her ancestor parents generation long ago from Guangdong immigrant US, found the work on the American this foreign land land which supports the family gets by was they strongest wish, also is they to the descendants later generation's expectation. Therefore, when she starts is engaged in the free artist's occupation, in the family the person extremely did not understand. Says regarding the person of Chinese descent, the traditional work is engineer, attorney, doctor and so on, likes her such "to be free" really is in addition the kind.12 year-old time, Wang Tina thought own state of mind is not very good, thereupon says with the mother must go looks at psychological doctor. But the mother actually did not agree she looks at doctor, because "such speech, later will not have the employer to dare to hire you." She has not thought, in mother's heart, her in the future duty cycle her health will be also important. Wang Tina said, "in general Asian family, if some people have the psychological problem, everybody first response is the denial." She also has some friends and in relative's family all has left the similar situation.Wang Tina believed, the psychological question therefore in the Asian female the especially obvious main reason, is the social family especially is in particular high regarding the Asian feminine role expected value, but they also can gradually "in" pair this kind of expected value own request. "For instance at the meeting, the Asian hostess often also wants the splendid attire attendance except preparation sumptuous meal, looks after each visitor, but she are joyful?" Wang Tina thought 前些时候 pretended to be in the UC in the school student's Han lineage female student was a very good example. They because do not think the transferor person disappointedly, thereupon on is easy to live in an unreal world.This play inspiration came from in 1976 the Oscar best movie "Leap Insane asylum" (One Flew Over Cuckoo Nest). After the performance, many people all narrate own question to Wang Tina, some are is lovelorn, some are the pressure and so on. "But I certainly am not a psychological doctor, I am unable to solve their problem." Afterwards, she requested each time performs when all has the specialty psychological doctor arrives assists some audiences. Wang Tina said, "certainly is not to the collapse when only then may seek the help, should jump over is early better."

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What a somber name for a site. Death? Yeeks!

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