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Oh Mighty Chinatown Bus: Taketh me.

There's a lot going on now.   I'm in Philly working on a new ensemble show called "Edge of the World" at the Asian Arts Initiative that will premiere at the end of this week.   We wrote it in the last three days and it looks pretty awesome considering.  I can't give away too much, but I will say that I may be peeing onstage into an adult diaper as my way of exploring the Asian American Experience.  Show info here...As soon as I publish this blog, I will take the Chinatown bus to NYC to do a short storytelling set in NJ. Pray for my safe return. I left for Philly only half packed for my move to Silverlake.   This moving process from one side of LA to another has been really emotional.  This stress is mostly logistical.  Not having a car to quickly transport things over to the new place means that trash just kind of piles up into the middle of the apartment and doesn't really quite yet move out.  And being home all day means I have to sit among trash and it's driving me nuts fast.For the forced housecleaning alone, I may have been long overdue for this move.   I'm so glad that I am not spending the rest of my life in that apartment in West LA (a suggestion my mother made to me once!).  I'm having to face years of memories and memorabilia from times that I am not sure or not if I want to remember.  Throwing stuff out is a process of editing memories and refining my identity. I'm feeling freer.  And I am excited about designing my new life. Which is totally what I need in this economy and as I strive to do more exciting things with my life.It's even odder when friends come by and pick parts of my life they want to take on for theirs. I'm actually surprised how many friends want to come by and take a piece of old Kristina.I gave away my bed to a guy on Craigslist named Hardy. He was very likely a young Republican. And after I agreed to give him my bed, a good handful of my friends asked to take my bed from me because they really needed it for shows they were doing or just to sleep in (not to preserve any of my nostalgia, mind you).  As I saw my bed strapped to the top of Hardy's Toyota 4Runner, I realized, yes indeed, this is an end of an era.  (Insert your wisecrack here).Under the bed was some serious archaeology.  I haven't moved that bed since 2001.  There were things I hadn't seen for years, relics of friendships gone by, obsessive phases of my life.   I'm no longer in my post college life, but post post college life.  And so how does such a history minded person like me decide what's worth archiving and what to bring into the new life? Because a hack historian like me is obsessed with accuracy.  A friend of mine just told me how before her cross country move she destroyed her old wedding photos (she's divorced) and threw her wedding rings into the river.  Performance Artist that I am, I can't quite throw out old pictures of boyfriends without an audience watching and the grant check already deposited.

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What a somber name for a site. Death? Yeeks!

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