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Hipping it up in Williamsburg...

I really promise, a fuller update to come from my adventures from Texas to Massachusetts to tomorrow in Long Island where I have a show at Stonybrook U..

I just got to New York City today and am subletting in the heart of Hipsterville for the rest of the month. I am sleeping in my friend's loft bed in a place at 4th St and Bedford Ave in Williamsburg! I swear it's so Disney Hipsterland here that I piss Pabst beer (ironically, of course).

Here's a picture of me at Smith College last night. I'm taking pictures with my Crackberry lately. Which is why they are so blurry. More updates to come, with scant pictures. I promise.

In the meantime, enjoy this funky translation below of another Chinese Press News pieceon me. I am really excited that the Chinese press is taking a liking to me or at least my work. Because even if Chinese speaking people won't be able to understand my show... It puts the themes of the show on the table and hopefully gives my work some impact for them, if just through the press. I hope it will get dialogue started in Chinese speaking communities about issues of depression. Especially, if it will keep them from taking their own life!

The reason that my name is "Mr. Huang meter" in this translation below is that my Chinese name ("Wong Gwun Yee") translates roughly to "Measured or Even-keeled Gentleman." Thanks Grandpa and Grandma for picking this name! The character for "Wong" means "Yellow." So I am actually a "Yellow Measured Gentleman."

One more thing you now know about the Wong.

Leap cuckoo nest Mr. Huang meter one-man show

Participates in the New York Asian culture festival performance descrīption melancholy Asia females to be easy to seek the shortsighted view

[ Article: That insults ] is born in San Francisco's person of Chinese descent performing artist Mr. Huang the meter (Kristina Wong), future New York will participate in "the Asian cultural festival" (Asian Cultural Festival), will perform its work "Mr. Huang the meter to fly over the cuckoo nest" (Wong Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest), will describe the Asian female because of the life condition which melancholy will commit suicide. Mr. Huang the meter said that, she is engaged in artistic the goal is for break through the limitation, the help populace, even saves the life.Place of performance for empress area park theater (Queens theatre in the Park) and stone brook New York State University Charles Wang center.Mr. Huang the meter ancestor parents come America in 194 ○ ages from Guangdong, the grandfather first in the laundry works as the labor, the grandmother to do odd jobs in the restaurant, afterwards two people accumulated the money to come, the end could buy a laundry. Mr. Huang the meter father sells the insurance in the bank, the mother is accountant. The whole family goes through many hardships in US, the meter must choose the performing arts path to Mr. Huang truly to be surprised.Mr. Huang the meter once went study the Los Angeles UC'S English literature and the world art department. She said that, own study specialty and the play specialized different are, the play specialized content extremely westernizes, by the European lineage Caucasian culture primarily, makes her to be very difficult to approve. Mr. Huang the meter also contacts Mexican and the Latin American lineage dramatic art, displays the farm hand, the workers living conditions, she thought the ink lineage, the Latin American lineage life struggles, with Asian is extremely similar.Mr. Huang the meter play frequently is the one-man show (solo performance), scrīpt write oneself develops, moreover non- tradition. She said that, her play frequently with an under audience interacts, for instance converses with the audience, makes the note, has the person her play for the behavīor art (performance art).This leaves "Mr. Huang the meter to fly over the cuckoo nest" the play conception, receives touching which the Asian feminine suicide rate stays at a high level. Mr. Huang the meter indicated that, the Asian female always smiles in the life, very can hide the painful the sentiment. In others' eye, the Asian female lives well, how can commit suicide? "Mr. Huang the meter flies over the cuckoo nest" by Mr. Huang the meter (non- artist's) the alone angle performance, starts when the play always says oneself very well, must own solve the problem, but afterwards finally supported, entire collapse.She said that, she saw some families commit suicide after the family member, cancelled all to seek the trace which short once existed, why the mistake lies in Asian does not discuss commits suicide can occur. "If the automobile makes the unusual sound, we may follow the sound to find the problem, early repairs a vehicle; But the Asian female does not make noise, only perishes own."Mr. Huang the meter said that, how she does want to explore the Asian female in the play to establish the relations with the other people, how also hides the heart of hearts the sentiment.Mr. Huang the meter said that, writes "the Nanjing massacre" person of Chinese descent writer Iris Chang (Iris Chang), finally unexpectedly steps onto road of the suicide, inspires her to create this play. Iris Chang once visited Los Angeles to enlarge, her at that time as if extremely exhausted, was numb. Some people suggested she writes about woman being forced to comfort the war soldier with sex's book, Iris Chang's reply is: "I need to protect in the sentiment oneself". Iris Chang has gone, the literary world also was short bravely, the successful writer, Mr. Huang the meter heaved a sigh for it.Mr. Huang the meter indicated that, she is the person of Chinese descent third generation, some people felt she does not like the person of Chinese descent, but she chooses the performance to work as the occupation, in the others eye, this occupation is unstable, even is restless. Mr. Huang the meter calls oneself Asian, also not sedulously pursues some kind of cultural identity. She said that, the performance makes her not to stop the journey to rush about, does not calculate on the road, also is for starts off prepares, this kind of life is actually lonely, therefore she writes the one-man show. She said, because the funds is limited, not the impossible please very many people together to perform. But she is engaged in the artistic performance, is wants to bring the good transformation to the people, the surmounting limitation, even cannot cause the artistic person also to fall in love with art."Mr. Huang the meter will fly over the cuckoo nest" to perform two in the empress area park theater, the time for April 24 evening 8., on 27th afternoon 3.. Ticket price all 10 Yuan. The empress area park theater is located the farad abundant prairie to be possible in the happy elegant park. Stone brook New York State University Charles Wang center performance time for April 10 evening 7 o'clock, after the performance and has the symposium. (New York leisure/art)

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What a somber name for a site. Death? Yeeks!

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