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I'm moving.

No, not to New York. Still too chicken to do that officially. Though maybe that's next. Not San Francisco either. Though I am there quite a bit.

I'm officially shifting my base of operations to SILVERLAKE! Land of skinny boys with girly haircuts and too tight jeans.

Why am I moving away from the beach? Why would I leave my 2 bedroom apartment which is locked in at such low low rent? Many reasons. One main one is that its getting very depressing to live in the same apartment that I've been in since I finished college. And believe it or not, saving money, even in this economy, is not worth being this depressed.

I'm moving to a house with a big deck and a cactus garden in front. A full kitchen, a washer/dryer, and a dishwasher. It's on a tree lined street walking distance from Spaceland. And as soon as I tweeted the news, I come to learn that that's where all my friends have been hiding.

I've been doing what I haven't wanted to do since I moved in here... Move stuff out. Moving is such an experience filled with regret. Looking at books (from college even!) that I have yet to read. Postcards that I never sent. Notes from classes on how to audition for a career that kind of turned a different way.

And finally going through the tubs filled with old paper work.

I've found among other gems....

  • Old lecture notes peppered with poems to a French boy (huh?! I have no memory of having a crush on a French boy.)

  • Yards and Yards of fabric that I purchased to sew up a giant vagina for my very first show.

  • A job application for Hooters that I started to fill out and never turned in. (I listed my roommate as a reference.)

  • A folder marked "Job Opportunities." Inside were corporate brochures for Merrill Lynch, E! Entertainment, etc I must have collected from a job fair at UCLA. And for some reason, there was a flyer for "Amateur Night" at Showgirls also tucked in there. I wonder if I slipped that into my files as a joke to myself to discover many years later because even I couldn't believe I was that funny to put that in the same file. Ironically, I've not worked for any of those companies, nor ever tried out the strip club thing.

  • A letter I wrote to Leilani when I was an undergrad for the internship she was offering at "TeAda Productions." (Yes, the company that 10 years later produced a run of "Wong Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" in Los Angeles)

I junked a lot of stuff so far and am planning a big yard sale June 13 where I will pretty much push everything that is non-essential out to the curb and let the hoarders take it on.

I'm ready to let it all go. I'm making room for a great new bright life.

Incidentally, if you are in the market for a queen bed with a canopy frame, 21 inch TV with digital converter, YARN, slide carousel, women's clothes, etc, please let me know. I've got what you want.

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What a somber name for a site. Death? Yeeks!

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