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50 cents a Gallon! Score!

So, I've been staying at my friend D'lo's in Santa Monica for the two day stint I'm here. (I'm frantically packing now by the way.) I parked my car by 9th and Washington and come back to see a note on my car in serial killer writing that says "I have cleaned WVO for you. -Mark" With a phone number.

"Cleaned WVO" for those not in the know is clean, usable vegetable oil that can be used for fuel.

I threw caution to the wind and decided to call the number. The guy who answered told me to meet him at night in the alley way behind his building to buy some of his oil at 50 cents a gallon.

Was it a hoax? Perhaps he knew me by my car and the LA Times story and was luring me into an alley way.

But it was so cheap! I couldn't back down!

Practicing standard safety precautions, I told like 8 million people by phone: "Ok, please call the police if you don't hear from me by 8:30pm. I got a tip on a hot used vegetable oil source and for only 50 cents a gallon. I gotta look into this, even if it's taking a chance with my life."

So anyway, long story short. I did go into the dark alleyway and there he was! A perfectly normal dude with way too much clean used vegetable oil. I slapped him over 8 bucks and he filled my tank.

And now it looks like I got the cheapest oil source in town! I will only share him with people who come to my shows and love me to death.

Selfish? Yes. You have to be when it comes to fuel at 50 cents a gallon!

She shoots, she scores!

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What a somber name for a site. Death? Yeeks!

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