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New MV, Chet Lam - Just a little Longer

New Video with Chet Lam - Just a little longer

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O7MO67U9_V4

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Soundless Wind Chime DVD released

Hong Kong DVD, ranked no.5 in the HVM chart, available in your store now.Special Features: Deleted Scene, Behind the Scenes, Trailer, Photo Gallery and Commentary.!!Stay tuned for the North American and European Release for more extra features including the soundtrack and soundtrack making of!!

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New Video: 一線 by 林一峰

一線 promo by 林一峰

directed by Kit Hung



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Newest Music Video 林一峰 林二汶 好天氣

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VqaoE1mUmO8#好天氣 Official MV , Directed by Kit Hung

一峰 林 二汶 好天氣 同起步 十月六日紅館見

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第三週的上映<無聲風鈴>; The 3rd week of "Soundless Wind Chime"

我希望可以在這裡多謝你們各位支持這套電影。<風鈴>已經進入到第三週的上映,在這十天裡我的心情隨着電影中心的票房上上落落,我每小時都察看電影中心的網頁,察Facebook好幾十次,看看你們有沒有留言。同時亦收到你們的訊息、電郵,給了我很多支持。 作為導演的第一部獨立長片,<風鈴>的成績已經使我問心無愧。在香港,是要多謝大家 - <風鈴>沒有一般商業電影的包裝,走出戲院的觀眾每位都帶着自己獨有的感覺出來,亦不是看完可以一起吃飯交談的題材。<風鈴>不是一部容易用話語來推薦的電影。


暑假來了,好的電影滾滾到來,因此<風鈴>亦會慢慢減少它的放映時段,把時間供給其他新片放映。如果你們身邊有朋友想要去看,就請抓緊機會。<...Read more

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Soundless Wind Chime in Cinema + Free Drinks + Special Offers!

Soundless Wind Chime, Exclusively at Broadway Cinematheque

!!!無聲風鈴今日開始 百老匯電影中心, 映期有限,欲購從速 !!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ !!! Special Offer !!! ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

由即日至2009年8月9日, 憑<無聲風鈴>正場票尾可獲以下任何一項優惠:

1.    DYMK(中環亞畢諾道16號地下及地庫)免費飲品一杯. 2.    Zoo (上環蘇坑街33號地下)免費飲品一杯. 3.    於Private Structure門市購物滿$200, 可作$50現金券使用(銅鑼灣波斯富街     69號高華樓6字樓).

...Read more
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Farewell Soundless Wind Chime

Music is always the inspirations of my film. Finishing the Making of and Deleted Scene of Soundless Wind Chime, fulfilling a wish that I always wanted to do, is to share my play list of "Soundless Wind Chime" to you.

This playlist have been with me for several years now, and it keeps changing from time to time, this is what left in the list, on the top of the play counts. It's been a while since I listen to these songs... somehow, I am a bit afraid of listening to them again.

May you find the hints ...Read more

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SOUNDLESS WIND CHIME awarded at Da Sodoma a Hollywood - 24th Torino GLBT Film Festival

SOUNDLESS WIND CHIME awarded at Da Sodoma a Hollywood

24th Torino GLBT Film Festival

WIDE is pleased to announce that Kit Hung's debute feature film SOUNDLESS WIND CHIME has received 3 awards at Da Sodoma a Hollywood - 24th Torino GLBT Film Festival (Italy - 23-30 april 2009).

Best New Director (Nuovi Sguar...Read more

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Soundless Wind Chime in Cannes' Market Screening

SOUNLESS WIND CHIME in CANNES' Marketing ScreeningSOUNDLESS WIND CHIME - 100min (Hong Kong/China/Switzerland)

Directed by: Kit Hung

Sunday 17.05 16:00 PALAIS C

Wednesday 20.05 16:00 PALAIS G

Synopsis: "Soundless Wind Chime" is the poetic journey of Ricky, searching for the lost soul and the pa...Read more

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Soundless Wind Chime !!!Online ticket sold out!!!

The online tickets on 29.3 is sold out already! Thank you very much for the support! The regular sale from the counter and telephone reservation will start @ 13th March.城市電腦售票網信用卡電話訂票 2111 5999 (3月12日起至開映前七天)

城市電腦售票網留座熱線 2734 9009 (3月13日起每日上午10時至晚上8時)

http://www.hkiff.org.hk/...Read more

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