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Sensory Runway Credits & Photos.

Dear all,

Firstly, we want to say a huge thank you to you all for making Sensory Runway a huge success. The night was absolutely amazing and would not have been that way with out all of you! Roger, Paul and I created a vision some months back now and you all made that vision real. I am still recovering from endless nights of not sleeping and I don't think I actually relaxed on the night until the party started at 11pm.

Although E.V.E.N.T didn't make any money nor did we make what we spent, we did make a successful show for artists and gained significant amount of respect from the community. We have learned some valuable lessons and have proven to ourselves and others that we can do this, so imagine what can be achieved with sponsorship!

Thanks to all of you that had trust in us; that believed this was possible. Thank you to those of you that understood that this was our very first event and that we were doing it on our own. To those of you that gave up precious time and shared your love and passion for the arts.We love you!!

To all the designers, well done! It was so great to see all your designs together in one show. Your individuality came through and kept the show lively upbeat and dynamic. You should all feel very proud. E.V.E.N.T has had a few emails asking us about you guys and that they want you involved in new projects. This is so exciting as this was our objective for you all! We will be in touch with you individually about requests. Thank you!

Here is a link to view all of Elden Cheungs photos of the BIG NIGHT http://www.fotop.net/Gma/ Sensory

And Lifestyles shots Part one and two : http://www.lifestyle.hk/ gallery/sensory-runway_1108. htm

                                                           http://www.lifestyle.hk/ gallery/sensory-runway-2_1131. htm

Special thank you's :

Paul Sheehan for getting involved with E.V.E.N.T from the very beginning. It was only a few months ago that we sat down over a cup of coffee and brainstormed about where we could take this company. With all of your expertise, you have helped mold EVENT into what we are today. Thanks for all of your hard work with visuals and lighting on the night and for being such an intricate part of this team!

Annie and Elden for you constant support, sponsorship and belief in us. Your constant generosity is much appreciated and we hope to keep working with you in the future. We love you both so much!!

Bhavini for coming on board with event a month ago and helping with the production.Your hard work and time means so much to us .

Annemarie, Natasha, and Amanda for you positive attitude, sponsorship of materials and helping with the set up on the day.

Rebellious Troop : Annemarie, Kelly, Irene and Sally for your outstanding talent and for being so supportive.

Capoeira : Thank you for the gift you have and sharing this with us. Fung thank you for introducing us to HKPA and your on going support at ALL of our events. Arara, Thanks for a great performance (every time!), and for introducing us all to Master Jo.


DJ Dave Webber : For coming on the day and giving your time, effort and support. Learning the cues and playing such great music. You really got the party started helped keep the event together! Also, thanks for playing at Speak up! You are a true talent and will be doing big things.

DJ Forest : Always an aural pleasure. Thank you for helping us to keep the party going and supporting EVENT at all of our shows. Also, thank you for spinning at Speak Up! as well.

All our models : The girls : Louisa, Amanda, Natasha, Shelly and Aisling for your outstanding work, positive energy and stunning looks!

The guys : Louis, Lawrence, Marcus, Vince, Travis, Tanguy, Gary, Anton and Mark: Thank you for making the catwalk NOT SO SERIOUS and a heap of fun!

Backstage helpers : Amy, Dee, Goldie, Jessica, Cheryl and Daneille for helping with the stress and saying you would help very last minute.

This feels a bit like the end credits to an epic film...

All of our artists: Gary, Emily, Graphic Airlines, Foon, Mr. Lo, Mimi, and of course the students. The Mannequins looked phenomenal! You are all so talented and were the talk of the event. Unfortunately, not all of them sold but those that did, we will arrange payment in the next couple of days.

AliveNotDead.com : For your continued support and partnership with E.V.E.N.T, its good to know someone is on the same page. Thank you so much for allowing us an outlet and opportunity to promote the arts.

Diamond Workshop : For sponsoring all the hair and make up. Anita you really are so kind to do this and we feel honored!

Josen Sake : Brian thank you, we are sure you will feel proud. People LOVED the sake and sake mixes! Check out the photos of our HOT models and Hiro with your sake bottle. : )

HotpartyTV : Sasha for your sponsorship, photos, Filming of the whole night and belief in our company.

CLIQ: A special thank you to Cordelia Choy for all of her help and generosity. You were truly an incredible help on the night and even more help in the days leading up to Sensory Runway. We are immensely indebted to you and would love to work with you and CLIQ for future events

Lifestyle magazine : For sponsorship, photos and the interview with the beautiful Payal Uttam.

BEATS magazine for your write up and interst in the event.

Jackson : For filming and taking photos behind the scenes.

Mike pizzuto : For coming in early morning and helping us with transportation of the lights and set up.

Nicola Adam for your fabulous massages.

Amy, Nicola, Dee, Louisa (Our girls) THANK YOU !

Again thank you all so much. Please make sure you all come out to the next Speak up! @ Philia lounge, Wednesday September 3rd!

We look forward to the next SENSORY experience and are in the early stages of planning, (very early)!


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Rottendoubt a4 patrick
great job with the show!! congrats!!! =D
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