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Dear AnD, it's been a long, long while...

Dear AnD,Happy Howloween... I've been painting a lot since I was last here...I've donated a few to charities...This one's called "Hope Grows Love" and was auctioned off at a Read more

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I've never sold a painting before. I've only given them away as gifts and silent auction items for events and fundraisers.

I have a real hard time letting go of my art.

But it's time.

Time to move on. Time to let go so it can be special to someone else.

For the first time, I feel fulfilled and empty at the same time.

Yup, I'm sure this is how it'll feel when my kids leave for college. Sigh...

Thank you for giving them a good home.Read more

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Don't just save a tree, grow one.

The joys of growing my own live Christmas tree...

Growing my own live Christmas tree to use for all the years to come.

I planted four spruce seeds on January 27th in the same pot. On February 7th, a tiny sprout began to peep out of the dirt. Yesterday I discovered a second sprout!

I wonder if the other two will grow?

Don't just save a tree,...Read more

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Shooting myself on a shoot

I wish I could take credit for how great the photo looks,

but everything was already set for me to snap it.

Thank you for letting me shoot on set, Quyen!

Concept: Quyen Tran

Makeup: Akiko Matsumoto

Hair: Russel Hart

Wardrobe: Kirsten Oglesby

Camera: Canon SD900

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i heart making things

Wanted to wish everyone a happy new year of the tigerrr!

To start off the new year and to help celebrate v day is the first video for my new YouTube channel:   www.youtube.com/iheartmakingthings.

I'm always making things....

Subscribe.  Enjoy.Thank you!


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Naked Lunch Interview

Quentin and I were just interviewed on the Naked Lunch show with Sarah Passmore on RTHK 3... http://www.rthk.org.hk/rthk/radio3/naked_lunch/20091127.html

We start around 19:30 of the show.

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11/29 Screening & Party

Hope to see you at our closing night screening & party on Sunday 11/29 @ 7:10PM at the Grand. Below's ticketing info:http://www.thegrandcinema.com.hk/movie_content.aspx?visMovie=678Tickets may be purchased directly on-line.

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i heart AnD + taiwan + hk!

it was so nice to get to meet the AnD family and hang out in taiwan and hong kong for the last week!!  thank you guys for being so warm and welcoming!!

i'm really looking forward to meeting more of the family when we close the hong kong independent film festival sunday!

see you there!!

happy gobble gobble day!!!  :)


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tribute to george lin...

My friends helped me make a 90 second short tribute...

Screening at the San Diego Asian Film Festival's Digital Tribute to George Lin on Monday, October 19th, 2009. FREE screening and open to the public: http://sdaff.org

Thanks for the writeup, Channel APA! http://www.channelapa.com/2009/09/boo...

Dedicated to George Lin (1971-2008)

Written, Directed, &...Read more

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PuNcHeD!!! ----@(>.O)

thanks basile...

here's one from my friends danny cho & grace su

brought to you by arowana films & FRA

feel the love. literally.

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....art grows life....


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