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Question 5|問題5|问题5

I think everybody already knows that the cartoon character I love the most is Raggedy Ann and Andy, which is the toy called “Billy” that I mention quite often. Now, do you remember which movie featured both Billy and I?

(Hint: In the movie, Billy and I don’t have any scenes together.)

Previously I knew that people weren’t familiar with how PM/private messaging works so we decided to make a few changes with the competition rules. Now if you want to take part in the competition, all you need to do is continue to leave your answer on the message board in my website but you don’t need to leave your email address anymore. If you are the lucky winner, one of my colleagues will be able to contact you because there is already a record of your email address when you login to the website. This way, you can keep your email address private.

Also, if you're able to send me a “private message”, you're always welcome to do so. You can enter the competition either way but you can only answer the question once.

Thank you.

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大家應該知道我最心愛的卡通人物就是Raggedy Ann and Andy,即是我常常稱他作“比利”的公仔,你們又可否記得比利於那一齣我有參演的電影中出現過呢?



 因為之前知道大家不明白PM/發短消息的意思, 現在我們略為改一下玩法,

就是想參與遊戲的你,只需把答案繼續留到我官方網站中留言版上, 不再需要留email了, 因為只要你中獎, 我便有工作人員會有聯絡你. 因為你們登錄這個網絡時其實已經留下email了. 這樣,便可以保障你們的私人email了.

另外, 如果你是可以"發短消息"給我, 都歡迎你們留言. 兩個玩法都可以, 但只可以留一次答案.



大家应该知道我最心爱的卡通人物就是Raggedy Ann and Andy,即是我常常称他作“比利”的公仔,你们又可否记得比利于那一齣我有参演的电影中出现过呢?       (提示:于电影中我与比利是没有对手戏的.)  因为之前知道大家不明白PM/发短消息的意思, 现在我们略为改一下玩法, 就是想参与游戏的你,只需把答桉继续留到我官方网站中留言版上, 不再需要留email了, 因为只要你中奖, 我便有工作人员会有联络你. 因为你们登录这个网络时其实已经留下email了. 这样,便可以保障你们的私人email了.< /span> 另外, 如果你是可以"发短消息"给我, 都欢迎你们留言. 两个玩法都可以, 但只可以留一次答桉.< /font>谢谢.< /font>www.karenmok.com.hk

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