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December's Big Present|十二月巨獻|十二月巨献

The last program in December that everyone has been long looking forward to is Christmas. In fact, todays question coincidently is to do with films. So I will announce the highlight of my film roles as my present for everyone in December! Must attentively watch my acting!

Karen Mok's film highlights include: Fallen Angels, Black Mask, God of Cookery, The King of Comedy, Wait 'Til You're Older, Out of the Dark, Lawyer Lawyer, So Close and big Hollywood production Around the World in 80 Days.| 十二月份有大家期待已久的聖誕節作壓軸的節目, 而且今日問題剛好和電影有關, 那我便於視頻區公開我個人的電影精華片段, 來作十二月禮物給大家吧! 要細心留意我的演技啊!

Karen Mok 電影精華片段, 包括: 墜落天使, 黑俠, 食神, 喜劇之王, 童夢奇緣, 回魂夜, 算死草,夕陽天使和荷里活大製作80日環遊世界.|十二月份有大家期待已久的圣诞节作压轴的节目, 而且今日问题刚好和电影有关, 那我便于视频区公开我个人的电影精华片段, 来作十二月礼物给大家吧! 要细心留意我的演技啊!

Karen Mok 电影精华片段, 包括: 坠落天使, 黑侠, 食神, 喜剧之王, 童梦奇缘, 回魂夜, 算死草,夕阳天使和荷里活大制作80日环游世界.

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