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CGI Asia Meeting

Initiated by former US President Bill Clinton, the “Clinton Global Initiative (CGI)” meeting was held in Hong Kong. This was the first time for the organization to hold an annual meeting outside of America.

The CGI Asia Meeting convened over two days and consisted of a meeting with all the members hosted by Bill Clinton, followed by a series of meetings on a range of popular topics including education, energy efficiency, global warming, public health, responding to the worldwide economic crisis, and talks of cooperating with reconstruction after a disaster strikes. Karen Mok was invited as the only guest performer for the evening, singing two songs Close to You and Yin Tin (Overcast).

Karen expressed that she felt extremely honored to participate in such a meaningful event like this meeting. Furthermore, being able to perform in front former President Bill Clinton, she hoped she could give Mr. Clinton a lovely and memorable impression of Hong Kong.

The source of this article is from Ming Pao Daily, December 12.

If anyone would like to watch my performance that evening, then you have to go the and have a look. | 由美國前總統 克林頓發起的「克林頓全球倡議」在香港舉行會議。這是該組織首次在美國以外舉行全體會議。


莫文蔚被邀請為當晚唯一的表演嘉賓, 獻唱了兩首歌曲, 包括 Close to you和陰天.

Karen表示十分榮幸能參與一個那麼有意義的會議活動,而且可以於前總統克林頓前獻唱, 希望能夠給克林頓先生留下一個美好的香港印象.



如果大家想看我當晚的演出, 那一定要到<音樂/視頻欣賞>中看看了.| 由美国前总统 克林顿发起的「克林顿全球倡议」在香港举行会议。这是该组织首次在美国以外举行全体会议。 「克林顿全球倡议」亚洲区会议为期两天,内容包括由克林顿主持的全体会议,以及随后举行的分主题工作会议,议题包括教育、能源效率和全球气候变化、公众卫生,以及全球金融危机的应对和灾后重建合作等热门议题。 莫文蔚被邀请为当晚唯一的表演嘉宾, 献唱了两首歌曲, 包括 Close to you和阴天. Karen表示十分荣幸能参与一个那麽有意义的会议活动,而且可以于前总统克林顿前献唱, 希望能够给克林顿先生留下一个美好的香港印象. 文章部份节录于明报12月2日

如果大家想看我当晚的演出, 那一定要到<音乐/视频欣赏>中看看了.

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