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Translating Poetry into Chinese

Hi Everyone, I wanted to share with you my latest project: translating my English poetry into Chinese! It's been a real challenge, and I was wondering if you any of you artistic, Chinese-speakers could evaluate and give me some feedback. Here is one poem:
家 庭 主 婦 她只是个家庭主妇, 完美无缺地做些杂务。 我在半夜里 悄悄潜行到客厅里

看她沉眠於沙发。 孤单地躺在那儿, 我想送她回她 所属之处,但无从着手。

她只是个家庭主妇 是我l怜悯的如同其他可怜的家庭主妇: 她们的存在被遗忘,她们 耗损着日子去让別人悠闲。

我惯常轻视家庭主妇, 尤其是当我回来 发现她在睏盹, 漫遊于她自己躬身擦地的梦境。

我走了多年後, 回来因为她 一尘不染安全舒适的住处, 她的言语有如雋永智高的先知:

她絮叨着叫我如何做人...Read more

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My Poetry Website

Hi everyone! It's been a while since I posted anything, but just wanted to let you know that I just completed my poetry website: http://josephsilver.com/I'd be really flattered if you checked it out and let me know what you think!

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Film By Jaeho Chang

I recently watched the doc of my friend Jaeho Chang. It's called Ultimate Christian Wrestling. In case you aren't familiar with his work, I encourage you to check out his Alive Not Dead profile. Although he was tramautized during the screening by an uncooperative, skipping DVD player, the NYC premier of his film was quite a success in my eyes. His doc follows a group of Christian wrestlers who impart religious values and beliefs during the course of their wrestling matches. I don't want to give away all the details, but just i...Read more

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Designomotion Reel

Here is the latest Designomotion reel: Video: http://designomotion.com/reel/reel.html

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