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Free Stickers

hey~ wanna let you guys know our new series is out:http://cottoncandy.prologueworks.comfrom dying the color to design to output - we did it ALL in ONE, did it all by our own factory and design from ... you know whom... the one speaking right now.. hahawe didn't do a lot this time, around 60 pieces only. you can say.. everything is LIMITED. buy 2 gets 20% OFF instantly!free stickers and free badges are gifts for ya~ come and check them out.... cheers!1/F, No.8 Cameron Road, T...Read more

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Hey guys, what music you guys are listening to currently? i am deeply in the B.E.P (Black Eyed Peas) world right now!!! it's been so long that they haven't release a new album! this tims it's called "The E.N.D"! The first single 'Bom Bom Pow" has already hit it high up on all the charts in America. The "Bom Bom" thing kept on spinning in my head all the time now!if you still haven't hear their new stuff at all, check this out! will.i.am (the lead of B.E.P)'s blog! releasing exclusive tracks in the album...Read more

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Hello World!

Hello everyone! Nice to meet you all. Today is the first day my account converted to the OFFICIAL ARTIST section. It was originally based on my shop "prologue workshop" and now it is converted under my name "JoJo Chuk". The blogs below this msg was all about the shop only. But I promise you from this day on, I WILL show you something more about what I do, what I like, what I see in the future.Stay Tuned!!Thanks Boon and Raffi for the help. :)First of all, let me introduce myself a little more.I am one of the Co-founders of a ...Read more

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TVB Weekly 1/06/08 #623

On the latest issue of TVB Weekly theres an error stating about the creator of Cotton Candy. To clear up on the issue Cotton Candy was created by one of our co-founders JoJo Chuk.



由於今期TVB周刊於刊登本司貨品內容時有所出錯, 特此在這發表更正聲明.

Cotton Candy 為本司之原創人物並由本司負責人之一的 JoJo Chuk 所創作而非TVB周刊所說明的由AhtamTam所繪畫. 抱謙對任何人任作出混淆或不便.

Prologue Workshop Co.

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East Touch Issue 731

Article on SUPRA in this week’s East Touch issue731. Check it out! The shoes are all available at our store. Please come and visit. Click the link for more styles!今期東Touch刊登了有關SUPRA的報導。 所有鞋款正在本店獨家發售。請按以下網址有更多款式。**Thanks East Touch for the full page articlehttp://prologueworks.com/html/goods/supra.htmlRead more

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New Catalogue

hey guys, check out our new lookbook~~~ two new collections are available at the store. come and visit. :)1/F, no.8 cameron rd., tst, hktel: 23669946http://cottoncandy.prologueworks.com

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Supra Shoes Now Available!!

Come up and have a look at all the new Supra Shoes available at Prologue Workshop

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Website Updated

Hey guys, Updated the product page in our web, please check it out!I have the time to update the English page only right now.... keep working on the chinese one.. stay tuned.Remember to check out SUPRA shoes next week! :)http://prologueworks.com/html/goods.html

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Supra available on 05.25

Supra Footwear arrives in HK! It is available at Prologue Workshop on next Monday (May 25th). Supra 將於下星期一公開發售http://prologueworks.com

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Cotton Candy - Animal Series

Cotton Candy first collection - Animal Series is coming next week! excited!Cotton Candy 首批系列 - Animal Series 下週推出。密切留意!http://cottoncandy.prologueworks.comRead more

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