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DimSum new book releases!

My friend, Dim Sum, released her new book! she is an illustrator and she is so talented!! The works are so nice! You can find the book in many places in HK.. Page One, 商務, TC2 cafe workshop, 人民公社咖啡書店…etc and of cos at our place too! come and grab one for yourself ($60)  :)
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DaiFuLou Exhibition

Upcoming event @ prologue workshop – DaiFuLou exhibition. It will be a 3 weeks in total with different theme happening about DaiFuLou in each week. Want to know more about who DaiFuLou is? Check out his website:http://daifulou.com十月份我們將為你呈獻 “DaiFuLou 展覽”. 為期3個禮拜. 每週, 你將透過不同的媒體體驗到不一樣的DaiFuLou. 想知更多有關誰是DaiFuLou, 請按入: http://daifulou.comEvent from 14th Oct to 28th Oct (10月14日至10月28日), opening starts at 8:00pm

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Happy Bday, Ada!

Ada, one of the most talented actress in HK, is always a role model to me. I am very glad and happy to join a dinner party for her upcoming birthday last friday. with a little in-sight, she was one of the people who encourage me on taking the art course back in my uni life… it was a very important choice that change my life… thanks for her help and hope she likes the c.c package!Happy birthday, Ada! All the best to you and your family. God Bless! :)上星期五很高興出席了蔡...Read more

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Ketchup #119

Newest post on Supra. 最新的Supra 情報!

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Talk to Town #14

We did an interview for Talk to Town Free Magazine in their September Issue #14. Grab a copy and find us out! :)我們接受了免費雜誌 – Talk to Town 的9月號訪問。有興趣的朋友請到以下地點索取: Location / 索取地點Read more

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FACE #118

From this week on, you’ll be able to see cotton candy reporting latest news on prologue workshop on Face Magazine! :) 由今期開始,cotton candy 會在 Face 雜誌上為大家報導有關 prologue workshop 的最新消息! :)
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2EVOLVA and Free3irds 1st RELEASES

Free3irds – A collab from prologue workshop and Infinity Dance Studio is born… It is launched at the IDS Summer Street Dance Showcase 2009 on 08.23.2009 wore by 2EVOLVA. Special thanks to the crew and video / edit by Chung Dha.Free3irds – 一個由prologue workshop 和 Infinity Dance Studio 聯手合作的品牌誕生了… 由dance crew – 2EVOLVA 為我們穿上首批設計. 在此特別鳴謝2EVOLVA 和 拍攝/剪接的 Chung Dha.The collection is available now.Please visit us at:

prologue workshop –  prologueworks.com Infinity Dan...Read more

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c.c on ELLE

Thanks to Crystal Jam. We are on ELLE, check it out: http://www.elle.com.hk/lifestyle/news/crystaljamgemming/part_5/(offset)/4

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Summer Showcase 2009

Here's are some selected photos from the showcase last night: in rehearsal: 2EVOLVARead more

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So proud of the girls tonight! Our new streedance line - free3irds, has launched the first and exclusive colored t-shirt to our beloved female dance crew - 2EVOLVA on today's IDS Summer Showcase 2009.We have specially printed their t-shirt in red/sliver and the name '2EVOLVA' at the back!Stay tuned for the official releasing day![](/attachments/2009/08/23/23/415909_200908232353191.thumb.jpg)Read more

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