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Are you in the mood of playing hide-and-seek?

有心情跟  cotton candy 玩遊戲嗎?
cotton candy is going around in town right now. He is so bored… Today he came to have a nice coffee at Starbucks… which Starbucks? Ha Ha, he is asking you to find it out! He brought a drawing with him too! On his back, there’s an unfinished drawing by  4get. Help him to color the picture and send it back! You will get something for FREE!  :)cotton candy 在街上四處遊樂。。。他有點兒悶呀。。。今天到了一間Starbucks喝了一杯美味的咖啡~ 哪一間? 哈哈,他說要你自己找他出來! 他帶來了一幅圖畫。。。可是還沒有塗上顏色啊! 他想請你幫他完成作品, 寄回給圖畫的設計師 4get. 你將會得到一份免費神秘禮品呢!  :)(check anywhere / everywhere for  cotton candy! he maybe sitting right next to you!)

(留意身邊的每個角落啊~~  cotton candy 可能就在你附近!)enjoy in summer! cheers~~~cotton candy!![](/attachments/2010/06/11/00/415909_201006110034313.thumb.jpg)please help finishing the coloring!!

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