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And with that.. my mission of the ultimate trilogy is complete!

Kylie Minogue (Bangkok, 2011) Lady Gaga (Singapore, 2012) Madonna (Singapore, 2016)

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While we all applaud Leo's first Oscar (and a kickass speech in which he also thanked Scorsese), I was ecstatic for Mexican filmmaker Alejandro Inarritu who has become the first director since 1951 to win back-to-back Oscars!

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All hail the Queen of Pop! #rebelhearttour #madonna

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Round 2 of birthday celebrations with loved ones in HK

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Thank you EVERYONE for the birthday wishes! I am a very lucky girl (ok maybe not so much a girl anymore..) to have friends like you. I haven't seen some of you for awhile so here's what the last 72 hours looked like..

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The boyfriend hard at work at rehearsals before the big gig tomorrow #ifancythedrummer

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This is too funny..

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Don't we know it Vim Shanmugam Spiky Koh (except with Rajiv Corleone) 😉

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Chinese New Year BBQ! #chinesenewyear #hotguyswhocook

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