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I usually meditate at least 8 hours a day. Zhongnan Mountain (西安終南山) located in Xi'an is one of my favorite destinations to achieve spiritual enlightenment.

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RT @CrazyCritics: Ce soir sur @TF1 rendez-vous avec @TheSlyStallone #JasonStatham @Schwarzenegger @jetliofficial @antoniobanderas

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Share some behind-the-scene photos during The One film production.

jetli #jetlimovie

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RT @SanjeevNaidoo: @jetli_official I'm watching Danny the dog right now 😂 https://t.co/ahAbvO8Nu2

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RT @renhuawei: @jetliofficial Happy Father's Day. https://t.co/70imovhpbN

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My #daughter, Jada surprised me with a #HappyFathersDay message. This is a #wonderful #FathersDayGift. I am proud o… https://t.co/9C2pfpo9Nn

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As you all know, my daughter Jada has dedicated herself in charity work with hearing impaired children. Once again she surprised me with a Happy Father’s Day message this year. The message captures the past two years since she starts getting involved in this cause. It reads:

In 2015, I met you all for the first time. Our communication through sign language made me smiled from the bottom of my heart.

In 2016, with me by your side, we heard the cheers from our fathers together for the first time on this important day.

In 2017, I have a wish that...Read more

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RT @SaharJadouh: @jetli_official last night searched their address in the Internet also the address of the taijizen, but unfortunately did…

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Shanghai, China
March 24, 2007