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CalArts Character Animation Grad. I boarded 8 Animated sequences for a Clorox commercial series called Supermoms. I was an effects animator on a game called Superhero City. mentored by Dan Brereton, in which we collaborated with Veteran greats: Ernie Chan, Alex Nino, & Tony DeZuniga. I did some animation on the Graphiti Doc Bomb It, which premiered at Tribeca. My personal Film, Badass Mofos, premiered at The Action On Film Fest ( Sister Event of the Long Beach Internationals, That's where Bruce Lee was discovered for the Green Hornet). Moreover I was nominated for best animation that year. I also worked from Disney to NGTV(Chaired by Gene Simmons) in a little less than 2 years.

Artwork was onced featured in Animation Magazine & on the CalArts Website as to inspire prospective students to inquire about animation.

These days I'm into the whole Action-Adventure Genre, and I someday soon, I hope to be given the opportunity to prove my worth.

I'm a professional Ronin.

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