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The Power of Prayer

I don't usually post my monthly articles for Christian digital/print magazines. As the holidays near, I wanted to share this article that will reach millions and to bring glory to God. He really does listen to prayers of millions who have lost loved ones and wanted a solution to stroke preventative meds causing increased bleeding. For decades, we thought wrongly that blood thinners must lead to increased bleeding.  

Acetyl Salicylic Acid (Aspirin):

Triflusal: (notice the similarities but the CF3 group makes it non-derived from aspirin).

Amazingly, the secret was discovered in 1981 but was overlooked because as doctors, we overlooked the coagulation pathway and the reduced bleeding. Amazingly, TACIP trial work over twenty years (2003) indicated that a major area known as bleeding was overlooked in the 1980's. While there isn't increased efficacy, there is reduced bleeding risk! This is absolutely crucial because many side effects are intolerable especially for patients looking for increased safety.

Article (There were numerous trial work and follow-ups confirming this article, feel free to share this information with your local doctor(s) and cardiovascular specialist(s) ... only then can we spark innovation):

It reminds us that sometimes God provides a solution but we're just not paying attention to the hidden message (we kept looking only for increased efficacy but forgot to look at increased safety). Even under such circumstances, the power of prayer, caused doctors to revisit safety profiles even after twenty years and the drug is no longer patented.

The song "As The Deer" reminds me to look closely because God does leave amazing hints daily ... for us as strength, spirit and nourishment every moment of every day. So remember, with God, hope and thriving is always possible with Him!


November-December Dual Issue Chinese Article Submission: "The Power of Prayer".

 Disclosure: Author is a Christian Scientist. Author does not have shares in Dendreon. His example of cancer vaccine is an unbiased disclosure to indicate while vaccines have been contradictory, cancer vaccines are a significant exception in research breakthoughs. Miracles are possible with prayer. Peace is possible with knowledge and understanding. God Bless!

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I used to sing the chinese version in church when I was in Vancouver..but the english version sounds better to me..think the chinese version called 如鹿渴慕.. Yea I agree the power of prayer is inexplicably strong..especially when it's a group prayer...but sometimes God does not answer..he'll do eventually according to his own time.
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That's if you believe in all that stuff. I personally think it's rubbish and would go for medicine over quackery like that any day!!!
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