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Happy Valentines Day Meaning for Asians

According to data, the increased westernization of Asia has led to increased consumer spending on Valentine's Day in countries like Phillippines, Hong Kong and Singapore, etc. (link: article).




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The American penchant for creating holidays to create consumer desires is marketing 101. What holidays were really truly holidays when we were kids? How about when my parents were kids? Like around 1/10th as many as I grew up with.
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Pfffft the whole thing is a rort. It's just an excuse the hike up the prices of flowers (especially roses), stuffed toys and chocolates. What's so great about one day of the year? What about the rest? I rather my boyfriend show/tell me how much he cares about me throughout the year, and that doesn't mean buying things for me. The whole thing is stupid and it makes single people jealous and feel bad because they haven't got anyone to spend it with. Just like Easter and Christmas, Valentine's Day is just an excuse to suck money out of people.
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