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Android moves quickly up the food chain

Latest updates: Android gets stronger; Nokia adopts Windows proving the dinosaur theory of likes sticking together; the other animals watch these changes in awe ... 





Some animals have caught a glimpse of what androids eat for lunch. This is what was reported ...





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Shouldn't that be juice, not blood? Or did Android bite his lip?
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Very fitting. A bit more on NOK: But this is where Darwin comes in. I have loved it in hard situations where people put their hands up to fight me, and I mean resistance rather than debate. No problem. You select yourself out and disappear from the evolutionary tree of the company. And whoever you are, hardly anyone remembers you a week later, because people are getting on with their jobs. So you have a year of pain coming up, maybe more. Then two or three years of change and fine tuning. Unfortunately, until you are 80% of the way the through the pain, you will see little of the gain. And I know how that feels for the CEO, as well as for you. He has started running a marathon through a long tunnel. Now and then, he will look up to check the direction is still right, but if in the first 20 miles, he worries about how far it is, he won't get there. He needs to just put one foot in front of the other and imperceptibly, the distance will get shorter. Then there will be positive indicators and milestones but he has to, at some point, make a profit from the changes. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-12449731
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