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电影《舞动绿城》杀青了! The film “Dancing in green city”was finished~!




         Hello,my dear friends!The film “drancing in green city”have wraped smoothly which I have taken participated in.This film tells about that a group of youngsters which are keen on hip-pop pursue their goal and dream inflexibly.They jump all their break,and in the end,they win the breakdance contest.This is the film which encourage the youngsters to pursue their dreams. I acted as a hip- pop boy who also have the ability of wushu,named Xiaofeng in stead of Heshang at first.Once when I was capturing a thief,I run across the captain of the hip-pop team.He think that my ability of Wushu can help them,so he invite me to enjoy their team to be a member of it.In the following days,we make great efforts to practise dancing and help each other.Finally,we get the campion cup at breakdance contest.

  This is my first time to in touch with the film about breakdance.It is very fresh to me and make me excited.I find  hip-pop dancers have the common ground that as they hear the music,they can not help dancing at once,whoever is old or young.The dance is their language just like the voice of a singer,it help them to communicate with others.As soon as they dance,they spread the happy to others like happy fairy.

   I have not known about breakdance before,but now I find I have fall in love with it and strong sense of rhythm of the music in these days of making film.However it is a pity that I have not enough time to learn it from professional breakdance teachers.Breakdance is also a kind of art, so it is no any hurt for me to be command of this skill.If I have enough time ,I would not lose the chance to learn it.In these days,I also have made some friends.We got along with each other,even like something have been arranged before by fate.Much to say,but the end will come sooner or later.The picture of the happy time are following for you. 





演员麦子 王欢



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when we can watch it ?:D
over 14 years ago
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over 14 years ago
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cool !哈哈~
over 14 years ago
Mark moran in spokane 920x920
over 14 years ago
cool ... 很期待!!!
over 14 years ago


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