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3D film 《Speed Vanguard》Completed~!3D电影《极速先锋》杀青!

**Happy New Year my Dear Friends~ i wish you happy everyday in this year~!

Long time no update my blog, because i am so busy in  last year, from the last 3D film "Speed Vanguard" to the present twenty-episode TV series "Mi Wu" I just off the middle of the day, so even the photograph not collated, but also want to support my friends forgive me hehe ~

On a film "Speed Vanguard" is about the modern young man Parkour with the love story, is set to Parkour, love, romance, comedy as one of the Guoneishoubu 3D Parkour Films, this is my first time in 3D the filming, so I feel very honored by this time I also learned a lot, I want to thank many friends, thanks XIAO MENG let me know the director , thanks to director Lan Zhiwei  I learned a lot of knowledge, also like to thank Mr. Li, Mr. Li Dewei concern and care for me, thank fate brought me to you! 3D middle of shooting this film also encountered many setbacks, to shoot from Wuxi, Jiangsu, Guangdong Zhaoqing, all the way ups and downs, but finally the successful completion of the shooting, of course, among many things have happened I do not know, but I can feel that if there is no Mr. Li Dewei, the director and some people insisted, perhaps the middle of the film will be suspended, but in any case, the film smoothly is our greatest comfort, although very hard during this period, sometimes for several days only sleep a few hours, When filming finished, everyone feels the hard work is worth more! It is not known when the film can be showing, but I wish the film will be successful, and many many people like it haha ! but also invites friends to go to the cinema when watching ah! Well , made a few photos to friends  look ~ hope you will like!**


好久没有更新我的博客了,一直忙忙活活的也没有顾的上,从上一个3D电影《极速先锋》到现在的二十集** **电视剧《迷物》中间我只休息了一天,所以连照片也没有整理过,还希望支持我的朋友们见谅呵呵~

上一个电影《极速先锋》讲述的是现代年轻人围绕跑酷发生的爱情故事,是集跑酷,爱情,浪漫,喜剧为** 一体的国内首部3D跑酷题材电影,这也是我第一次参与3D电影的拍摄,让我感到很荣幸,通过这一次我也 学习到了很多东西,我要感谢很多朋友,感谢孟哥让我认识了导演,感谢导演蓝志伟让我学习到了很多知 识,感谢迪哥,彪哥对我的帮助,还要感谢李总,李德威先生对我的关心和照顾,感谢缘分让我认识了你 们!拍摄这部3D电影中间也遇到了很多挫折,拍摄地从江苏无锡转到了广东肇庆,一路波折,但最后还是 顺利完成了拍摄,当然这中间发生了很多事情是我不知道的,但我能感受到如果没有李总,导演蓝志伟等 一些人的坚持,也许这部电影中间就会暂停了,但不管怎样,影片顺利完成就是我们最大的欣慰,这期间 虽然很辛苦,有时候好几天只能睡几个小时,但影片杀青的时候也会觉得再大的辛苦都是值得的!现在还 不知道这部影片什么时候能够上映,不过我得提前预祝这部电影能够大卖哈哈,还请朋友们到时候去电影 院观看啊!好了废话不多说了,发几张照片给朋友们瞧瞧~希望朋友们喜欢!

haha~ see you next time! 朋友们,下次见!~

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