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The Warm Up.

Background: I auditioned for this Hong Kong singing competition called, “The Voice” a week back. Right after I got a call saying that I made it as one of the contestants! It was a great feeling and definitely gave me direction and a focus. Starting in July, it will be airing on the Hong Kong’ channel TVB, every Sunday night. 


All right, so I know that it’s only April, but the countdown to the show has already started for me. 

I’m nervous but I want to give it my all. I’ve already started vocal training exercises as of today via YOUTUBE.

HAHAHA, thank heavens for that channel I swear. I was lucky to stumble across a great vocal coach named Eric Arceneaux a couple months back and decided to look him up once again.

I really like him because he:

*Explains with clarity

*Elaborates and 

*ExemplifiesI follow him because I saw results right after I tried out some of his techniques.

Before Eric, I looked at Brett Manning’s clips ( The vocal coach for Hayley Williams, Lead Singer of Paramore) and found him quite bizarre. No doubt is he a great teacher, I mean after all he brought Hayley to where she is today, but I felt that he was merely advertising himself, and being selfish with his knowledge.

So for any of you who are actually interested in improving your vocal range under Eric Arceneaux’s tutelage, I’ve attached the link to his first singing lesson , all you have to do is click here.

Anyways, during the warm up, i realized it’s so hard for me to remain focused! I look at one clip and then I want to just do something else other than moving on to the next exercise. I guess that’s why it’s so important to have a real coach because they guard against that.

Despite the minor distractions, I managed to discipline myself to see it through. 

I know that time and time and again people say it takes hard work to earn your goals, but seriously IT DOES! 


This is going to be an everyday affair. 

On top of that I’m going to have to master my Cantonese and improve my performance factor. 

To the cream of the crop…here I go! 

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Awesome! Hope you rock the other competition. Add oil!
about 13 years ago


A Good Start: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eXZB-n8GIfQ http://youtu.be/kRkgDwHPJg8

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