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Lately, this song has been running through my head on...

Lately, this song has been running through my head on loop. 

Ever since my Dad’s passing, I’ve realized there’s just too much hate and not enough ‘love’.

Love in the sense of positivity, good vibrations etc. I’m telling you, you post a #hateration status and everyone tunes in. You post something to do with ‘love’ and suddenly you’re the loser next door sapping in the corner. 

Let’s face it everyone loves to hate. It ain’t making us better people. 

Kudos to Swedish House Mafia for inspiring change through music. 

Turn up the love, listen it up now turn up the love. 

Who’s gonna save the world tonight?

Who’s gonna bring it back to life?

We’re gonna make it you and I

We’re gonna save the world tonight.

And it’s gonna happen one person at a time. 

Oh on a side note, I love the corgi kicking some serious @$$! XD 

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A Good Start: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eXZB-n8GIfQ http://youtu.be/kRkgDwHPJg8

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