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Don’t believe in everything you’ve learnt, see it...

Don’t believe in everything you’ve learnt, see it for yourself.

I’ve always been taught that a wet winged insect is hardly an insect at all, that is because it becomes paralyzed after a few dew drops touch its wings.

I never had the misfortune to seeing it for myself…until today that is.

I was taking a shower which is probably why I did not take a photo of the said situation (it would seem very close to a soft porn shoot lol). I saw a moth hover around the lower wall, I refused to kill it so I let it flutter some more. My greatest fear was that it would submerge itself into the water which it inevitably did with flying colors.

In my state of bemusement I managed to gentle let it grab on to my finger and crawl off back to the window sill.

To my amazement despite the fact it was drenched in water, the moth still managed to move and flick it’s wings.

It’s funny how you can still find revelations (regardless how trivially small they appear) in your daily activity.

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A Good Start: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eXZB-n8GIfQ http://youtu.be/kRkgDwHPJg8

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