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Personal Thank You's

As a token to show I promise to spend more time writing to you guys, I just wanted to give personal thanks to the following who wrote in over the weekend...

LITA from Indonesia:

You're right; you can never be too far to wish someone a happy birthday. And you know what, you can also never be too far to say thank you. So thank you! I know it ain't the first time you've written in and I thank you for being so patient for a response too. As per your question as to whether or not I will vist Jakarta. All I can say is that I am working on trying to come out there soon. I may even be bringing Alvey and marion along with me too! It's too early to tell yet but if and when I do, I will let you know ASAP. And when I do, you MUST identify yourself to me so I can say hi to you in person! Thanks again.

PUM from Thailand:

Thank you for the kind word in your birthday message. Becasue I was in Macau for my birthday and working during the week, I was unable to catch the Olympic touch bearers come through. I did manage to catch it on the telly though so I didn't miss it. The weather in Thailand sounds fabulous - it's cloudy and humid here in Hong Kong - something we HKers are used to most of the year round. And you are very observant; yes, I have lost weight over the last 3-4 months. I simply haven't had the time to hit the gym or even eat properly because the workload is piling up rapidly. I need to start hitting the gym before the peak of the summer!!!

DENNIS from the Philiphines:

Thanks, buddy, for the birthday wishes. You are quite the poet. Maybe you should try turning tyour words into lyrics and make a knarly song out of it - and become rich and famous and when you make it big - give me some of the royalties! Tell you what, you wanted to know how old I am... if you become a rockstar and cut me in on the wealth, I'll reveal my age! Thanks again Dennis. Keep it real and rockin'!

JEAN from Hong Kong

Hey there fellow Taurean! It'll be your birthday very soon, so how are you going to soend it? It'll be on a Sunday, so will you be going out somewhere with your friends on Saturday so that you can break it in come midnight? However you choose to spend it, I hope you have an awesome time and that you get loads of prezzies! Thank you for your birthday message Jean. Maybe I'll see you around town seeing as we live in the same city!

KURALAY from Kazakhstan:

Great to hear that you dig our channel bro. We do try! It wasn't until recently that someone told me that Channel [V] is braodcast there. I had absolutely no idea - but I love that you do! I've never been to Kazakhstan but am intrigued by all of the Central Asian countries. I would like to visit Kazakhstan one day but perhaps you'd better give me some pointers on where I can go and what I can see first! Kuralay, I will do my absolute best to say hello to you when I'm next on [V], but I can't make any guarentees. I'll see if I can slip in a "hello" somewhere on this Friday's episode of PPRZ, how's that? You'd better watch! For now though.... HELLO KURALAY!!

Dom x


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