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Cold, Rats and Incubus!

Greetings from the warm comfort of my bed!

I'm in Hong Kong right now and as you may have read or seen on the news, Hong Kong is freezing! Most of southern China is going through it's worst snowstorm in 50 years and it's definitely affecting Hong Kong. Yesterday was only 7 degrees - which is colder than London!!! Anyway, I'm tucked up in bed, watching the latest season of 24, nursing a cold that I've had for a little over a week now. IT SUCKS! Can't go out, can't hit the gym, can't wipe my nose without chaffing it to shreds! If any of you have any good remedies for a swift recovery then I'm all ears!

Because of my flu and inability to do anything constructive for the last week or so, I've not been very busy. Work has slowed down (for now), but I will be extremely busy over the next couple of months. I'm currently in discussions with people to work on a new project in Singapore which will mean living there for about a month. To be honest, I'm more excited about living in the warmth and beating this insanely cold weather than the job itself!! But one thing is for certain, I'm looking forward to checking out Singapore's nightlife. I've not been partying in Singapore since I was 18!! Any pointers?

I'm also going to be working a lot more with Channel [V] and hopefully bringing you guys some awesome programs and content. I probably shouldn't spill the beans but, just to give you a taste, I can promise you a kick-ass interview with one of the tightest bands around. I've been wanting to interview them ever since I joined Channel [V] and my pleading and nagging has finally paid off... Ladies and gentlemen, I shall bring you a sweet interview with the cool dudes from INCUBUS!!!!! You'll have heard that they're coming to Asia on their Light Grenades tour and I for one cannot wait! I've seen them before in LA and I can tell you - they will not disappoint when they perform. I've seen loads of bands live and Incubus are exceptionally good. Okay, okay, I'll stop drooling and stop talking about Incubus!

Obviously, aside from them, there are loads of stellar artists and bands who will be passing through Asia and hopefully these will just be the tip of the iceberg. Here's hoping that the year of the Rat will bring more music and more killer bands our way.

Until then, all I got to say now is...

Kung Hei Fat Choi! Xin Nian Kwai Le! Gong Xi Fat Cai! Whichever you prefer, here's wishing you all a healthy, happy and prosperous year of the Rat. For all you Roosters out there, this is meant to be a great year for us!!!

Dom x

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