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Berlin, Berlin!

Willkommen! WOW, Berlin has got to be one of the coolest cities on this planet. I had no idea I missed Germany so much, I almost shed a tear when I touched down in Tegel Flughafen .I know this photo doesn't come close to how I was feeling when I touched down, but the colors did make me want to cry like a baby. I think it was the pink that got me howling like a hyena...Wouldn't you?!? Ok, I know I&#...Read more

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This space has been empty for a while for a reason... I'm working on several things right now and figured I'd give myself a journey of experiences as opposed to focusing so much on 'entertainment work'. I love what I do for a living and cherish every single moment but I'm searching for the meaning...I apologize if i have neglected updates and posts, as well as all the lovely mail I receive on a daily basis. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.I also want to thank Delcinea, my assistant who has been working l...Read more

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Hope Budget

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Climate Project Melbourne (on break)

On break dowm under;with much love.xdk

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Awan Larak

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Into the Wild, Mission Complete.

Hey all!  Exciting news- I just up the ante by screwing up my wrist joint whilst filming in the jungle, once again in traditional DK-clutz stylissimo. I think my McGyver gene failed on me this trip round and as a result i found myself crawling like a mud skipper in the Mulu caves and willingly dropped and drowned my animal instincts for Tuak, a very special intoxicating drink that is served at every Longhouse in celebration of Gawai Dayak. So raise your brow, fall sideways and say selamAAA Gawai Dayak! PAINAI!Once again, Born...Read more

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Tribal Chicken Warrior

BIG THANKS TO MY NEW FOUND TRIBE IN KL...(and Oxygen Magazine)who extensively trained and moulded me into warrior material...Calvin, the short-tongued exotic lizard...who tried his best to maintain my feathers in placeChin, the sharp shooter of blow-pipe directio...Read more

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Selamat! I just completed half of my Passage to Malaysia in Sabah and had one of the BEST times ever. I have fallen deeply in love with the wildlife, and the local villagers I met on the way were simply wonderful and warm.I started my journey in Kota Kinabalu where we hired a chopper to fly into what is known as 'Sabah's Lost World', called the Maliau Basin. It's basically one big drop in the rainforest and looks like a volcanic caldera. People say it's insurmountable, even the local Murut people refrain from ...Read more

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Back to Malaysia

Hello one and all,

I'm ready to hit the jungles of Borneo for another Passage to Malaysia; gonna learn the local language, eat the local food and get to know the lay of the land. Just no duck please...

My bahasa is still terribly weak, but I've mastered my own version of sign language that includes: head noddies, "i-come-in-peace signs", a grinning 'boleh' and my 'cepat' swinging arms...

This time though, I believe the insects will be thrilled to meet me in person, because I serve as ...Read more

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Hey all!

Yes, I have been hiding under a rock for a while! Thank you for all burfday wishes, I had a quiet one. And then it just got extremely busy again, but I'm still ALIVE!

So latest and greatest was being a pseudo muse for Ashley Isham's fashion show @ the Presidents Command Show.

Here are some snaps:

Getting ready to channel the FIERCE FORCE a la Tyra....

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