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Oops, I missed my spotlight...

Damn! I was getting so good at this blogging thing, and I missed my chance to write something worthy for the 'spotlight'!

Hokay, I'm going to write a proper introduction and a hello to everyone that was super duper welcoming me to AND. Here we go...

Hi, I'm Denise and I'm the Mtv Vj on the Asian network. I've been talking with my hands for over 5 years now (geesh, time flies) since my HK departure in 2002. I lived in HK for over 4 years modeling to and fro, doing the usual thing foreign models do in HK: making quick cash over the border in Shenzen modeling in very 'fashionable' catalogs, appearing in raunchy music videos with HK pop starzzzz (I add the 'z's' because it adds the zazz into pop), and occasionally wearing expensive stuff for editorial magazines. Yes, it was indeed the start of my career, because I realized I had a certain adrenaline to do more with my life. No offence to any model in HK, I respect the craft, but I needed to move on and work on my motormouth everyone said I had.

And one fine day I flew back home for an adhoc audition for the channel, and before I knew it, i had to host live shows and stand against a green screen backdrop. It was a big move, big change and a new life. Since then I've flown all over the world, interviewing some of the biggest stars to date and my biggest accomplishment would be hanging out with the Rolling Stones in an airport lounge discussing spirits and liquors. I love what I do, I have a passion for music and people and I still continue to this day, bouncing around with the Mtv mic.

This was me when I was 22 at Mtv- very young...


and now I'm pseudo back in HK-hurray..and they gave me an award (uh, a diesel one) ...

Apart from switching up my bases, I'll be back for HK Lux Week and other adhoc events/shows...so check back this space from time to time.

smooches to all xoxo


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Mark moran in spokane 920x920
I've decided to steal your smile, grind it down to a powder, liquify it in spray bottle form, and sell it on the black market to people who need more joy. I'll make a fortune!
about 16 years ago
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Ah, so my friend Amy did your makeup!
about 16 years ago
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Interesting bio Denise ! :)
about 16 years ago


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