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It all began with Britney...


Those were the days where I could predict the future of most pop stars on Mtv. These days I can't quite keep up with them anymore. Or maybe I've given up on Britney and moved on to my new fave class act, Amy Winehouse. One thing is for sure, I totally predicted Britney's hair wigs and bottle grinding back in 2003.

Wino is way cooler: her hubby is in jail, she smokes chimneys, kisses premature mice, hates rehab and now punches audiences (at Glastonbury!).

Oh, and she can sing. Rawk on Amy..

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i have been trying to avoid learning what is going on w/ this winehouse character, but her name keeps appearing in the news..
about 16 years ago
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you are hillarious i swear!!! love your blog chica!!! xx
about 16 years ago
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