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Anybody else starting to suspect that Elon Musk is actually an alien who got stranded and is trying to figure out how to get back home?

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Never gets old. https://t.co/n5HQCqHUV7

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@MaconBlair I just like seeing “fontanelle” used in a sentence.

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@danielwuyanzu Fucking great pic.

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RT @Wellesnetcom: Yep. I didn't see other established movie studios rushing in to complete this important film. https://t.co/vk1qmuwT3n

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@LADWP I think my overpayment refund got lost in the mail. According to Gregory Silva, it went out on 12/11 and I s… https://t.co/rXTpjW0Jzy

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Check out this series of photos. @LADWP loves this trick. “According to our records, we spoke to you on [insert] da… https://t.co/Y984ZT0VnD

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@LADWP, if you think that this - calling me, saying nothing for 20 seconds, and then hanging up - qualifies as a ca… https://t.co/O91aSTPKNt

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@YourTeamLGM, more people in LA need your help. @LADWP has been refusing to give us our overpayment refunds for 6+… https://t.co/UPubYtZ9Jc

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@MayorOfLA @NBCLA @YourTeamLGM I'm one of countless former @LADWP customers whose overpayment refund ($585, in my c… https://t.co/wa6vY73Ty8

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\"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.\" -Henry David Thoreau \"The harder I work, the luckie


Los Angeles, United States
June 22, 2007

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