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Actor , Stuntperson , Martial Arts, Wrestling or Boxing , Comedian , Comic Creator / Cartoonist , Web / Multimedia Designer
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Dave,David,Froggy(Froment) to name a few 33yrs 5ft9" slim tone build am i alive or dead? idk! likes computers film design martial arts women cars the usual etc my only child & daughter is called Codi Froment 8yrs old April 2016 lives with her mother since we split up iv not seen of for mabe 4 or 5years (i see in heart always) i have a huge family as there is 2 / 3 sides to it (mums/dads/stepdads) 4 brothers 3 sisters 4 including 1 who never made this world,loads of cousins etc i lived england 99% of my life but lived in spain for 18month with family when i was about 10yrs old iv been to scotland, ireland through wales. currently unemployed but looking for casual jobs mabe even going to go into film industry as a double / stuntman / extra etc but lifes been hard lately until recently. - somethingsomethingsomething - just ask - somethingsomethingsomething -

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