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Jet Li / Jackie Chan fight

Ok, so after a long enduring day yesterday I took some time out with some buddies to go see "Forbidden Kingdom" which is something that I have really been looking forward to.  And of course one of my favourite parts (as I"m sure everyone else's) was the Jet Li /  Jackie Chan fight.  All I can say about it is....WOW!!  WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW.  To me it was the equivalent of having Robert De Niro and Al Pacino doing a scene together in HEAT (one of my favourite movies and scenes of all time.... I think I almost know i...Read more

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Is it me or is it.......?

Ok so if you remember I had mentioned in one of my blogs about having a really rough day and having it end with the washing machine leaking all over the freak'n kitchen.  Well things didn't seem to end there as a day or two later i turned on my laptop only to have the router conk out and spent the whole day trying to figure out how to fix it (little did i  know that all i had to do was turn the power off and on for the router).  The next day  I used the toilet only to have that conk out.  My room mate was beginning to wonder...Read more

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Is It Getting Better or Worse?

Haha, no this blog doesnot involve bitching about the lack of work for myself,  I'm done talking about that.  I'm actually talking about my Chinese and not sure if it's getting better or worse.  I try to practice my cantonese when I can with friends or when I'm buying things.  Sometimes friends say "very good" and sometimes they are like "what the hell?!" .  I've gotten good at saying "I don't need the plastic bags" at the grocery store and how much is it etc.  But sometimes...Read more

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Facing the Beast to be rewarded with Beauty.

I've been making extra efforts to stay positive these days due to the lack of work.  But I found that keeping the faith caught up with me earlier this week.  Was having a really bad day on Tuesday, friend had left town, movie plans feel thru and when i went home to do some laundry my machine leaked all over the floor in the kitchen so i now had a mess to clean up.  No matter how positive I tried to stay the day got worse.  ...Read more

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OK I deserved that one

Ok so for years I've been working on Film Sets back in Vancouver and with union regulations and legal obligations , lock ups on set have to be tight.  Therefore AD s on set would have a rough time telling pedestrians that they can't walk on until the shot is done etc.  So there many times when someone who didn't speak english, or was elderly and or just plain didn't care would just walk through and ruin the shot.  So I would look at these people and always say to myself "man don't these idiots realize that we a...Read more

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Bored on a Monday

Well today I was supposed to go to Guangzhou for a photo shoot only to have it postponed due to rain.  Sunday is usually my off day from the gym but went last nite cause I thought i would be missing out on it today having to go to China for the day.  So now I am sitting at home where it's really dark outside for this time of day.  So I thought I would share my stunt reel featuring  hilites from my stunt career.  It hasn't been much of one but did have some nice moments: smacking Kevin Sorbo around, getting beaten up by Russell Wong ...Read more

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One Proud Son

I would like to introduce the works of my mother Mary E. Choo who is  a writer.  She recently sold a short story entitled "The Language of Crows" which has been put together in a narration form on the following website.  Hope and you like it and show your support.  Thanks

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TV Host Reel has been uploaded

Hi everyone.  I know that it's been a while since I posted a blog but promise you that it will have been worth it.  I spent all last week cutting together my TV Hosting Reel which hilites some of the best moment of Business Concierge.  I'm using this for promotion purposes that will lead to new and exciting adventures.  Also a big shout out to Audio Traffic for an awesome show on Saturday nite.  Also a big hand to Alive Not Dead... you guys are so dedicated to giving artists the kick start they need and Saturdays concer...Read more

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Youtube virgin

Okie Dokie.  After many years I have finally become a member of youtube.  So now you can view my full Commercial and Actor Demo Reel.  Will upload my stunt reel soon and am currently putting together my hosting demo reel which will feature the hilites of my travels on Business Concierge.  Hope you enjoy.

Video: ">

Video: ">





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DA MAN February Edition

The new Edition of DA MAN magazine is now out on shelves just in time for Valentine's Day with an inside spread featuring yours truly.  As far as Hong Kong goes you can get it at Dymocks.  For my good friends in Singa you can try Holland Village or some of the bigger book stores.  I hope you like.  Cheers.

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