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Chris Worked at World Affairs TV in Montreal until 1996 when he relocated to Taiwan. He has since learned Mandarin Chinese and Created, Produced and Hosted "Enjoy Taiwan", "Crazy English", "Roommates" and hosted award winning kids shows "Amigo the Bat" (Bien Fu Amigo) for PTS and "OlymPIG" for Hakka TV. He has also starred in films, theatre performances, and TV dramas. This site has been set up by his company Jitterbug Productions and Chris will be forced to update it regularly (Chris professes that computers don't like him and stop working whenever he uses them... I've seen it happen and it's true and may be what put an end to his earlier career in 3D animation)

Jitterbug Productions is always open to ideas for new TV and film cooperations

Interesting facts about Chris Downs

Languages Spoken english, mandarin, french
Location Taipei, Taiwan
Gender male
English Name Chris Downs
Traditional Chinese Name 夏克立
Member Since September 20, 2008
Fans 26
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Languages Spoken
english, mandarin, french
Location (City, Country)
Taipei, Taiwan
Member Since
September 20, 2008