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Cheung Sha Wan Martial Club Opens!


Traditional Hung Gar Kung Fu School Brings Classical Chinese Combat to Kowloon.

I am proud to be collaborating wth my teacher, the great Mak Chi-kong Sifu, to open a new o Kwoon / Martial Club. The school is located in our converted warehouse space in Cheung Sha Wan, which already houses my B&E production office and Reel East movie memorabilia warehouse/showroom.

We teach traditional Hung Kuen kung fu from the Lam Sai-wing lineage. Mak Sifu is teaching from 6-9 every weekday evening, except Wednesdays, and the syllabus covers empty hand forms and weapons, as well as the self-defence and health enhancing aspects of the art.

Mak Sifu also teaches Lion Dance and traditional drumming.

The kwoon has an open space suitable for forms practice, as well as kick bag, wooden dummy and most other traditional training aids (including some non-traditional ones, such as a stretching machine!).  Practitioners of other styles are welcome to come and rent the space during available hours for their own training.

We had a successful pre-opening party. Above is occasional kung fu player Raven Tao, demanding someone display the pole for her.

We are located at Block E, 1st Floor, Cheong Fat Factory Building, 346, Fuk Wing Street, Cheung Sha Wan, its the bg blue building opposite exit C1 of the Cheung Sha Wan MTR.

For further information please contact Mak Chi-kong Sifu at 91833379.


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Congratulations Bey! Looks fantastic. I hope I can book some lessons there when I make it to your end! All the best, David
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Rottendoubt a4 patrick
cool! where did you move everything to to open up all that space?
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Traditions like this must be preserved and passed along. Your efforts in helping to make that happen are really admirable. A serious question, are there still people willing to make the sacrifices required to become a serious practitioner?
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