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B&E / Reel East update

All the (B&E) fit that's news to print...

thr3guys join B&E

We're really delighted to welcome expat masterminds J. Cheung and Kamil Janowski to the team. Kamil is a master of the lens, shooting stills and moving images with equal skill. If you need someone shot, or maybe to get shot yourself, either buy a gun, or contact the K Machine at kamil@bxe-productions.com. Check out his stuff at http://www.kjanowski.com/. Meanwhile, J. has been kicking up a storm locally as stunt performer, training and choreographer, and can be contacted at j@bxe-productions.com. Check out his stuff at http://www.thr3guys.com Our studio in Cheung Sha Wan is available to shoot head shots and showreels, so contact the guys for all your dynamically visual needs.

FANTOM announced

B&E Productions is in early stages of pre-production on 'FANTOM', a post-apocalyptic actioner set to shoot in Hong Kong and China early next year. We're looking for a few good men (and women) who like to fight, and look cool doing it. If you pose in front of the mirror every morning, and that's you, please send your photo and details to kamil@bxe-productions.com.

New items daily on Reel East!

Our unique Hong Kong movie memorabilia has proved such a hit with fans, we're now adding new items from our vast archive on a daily basis. Collectors and more casual devotees of local cinema are also welcome to visit our showroom to see the Reel East Collection of Asian Action Cinema Items. Please check out our site at www.reeleast.com, and also our Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/reeleast?ref=hl.

Martial Club alive and kicking (punching, stabbing etc)....

Our Cheung Sha Wan kung fu school has brought traditional Hung Gar to the neighbourhood, with lively group sessions on Monday and Friday evenings from 6-9pm. Private lessons are also available by appointment, as well as specific flexibility, screen fighting and others forms of practice on offer. The school is also available for rent for individual practice, choreography, rehearsal and any other (vaguely) legal activities.

We at Blk E, 1st floor, Cheong Fat Factory Building, 346, Fuk Wing Street, Cheung Sha Wan. The big blue building just up from Ext C1 of the Cheung Sha Wan.


All enquiries regarding any of the above, please call 2194 8377 or 9374 9619.














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Rottendoubt a4 patrick
nice! be careful of posting up email addresses. people can see that and spam you...
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Photo 72861
Thanks for the note, Patrick! BTW the battling babe in the lowest photo is new kung fu queen and singer/songwriter Kris Lao.
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Photo 127207
The Beast, always up to something! Hey, Bey... as a poster collector the Police Story 2 HK poster is my "white whale" could never get it! I see it's out of stock on reeleast, will it ever be back in stock, or is it gone for good?
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