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My fart smells like rotten chicken carcass from eating too much butter... 吃太多牛油,放的屁像腐爛的死雞。。。

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10 years as Facebook friends... 23 years as MIA friends... Damn we're old... Those strolls along da golf driving range...

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Mak Datin oh Mak Datin... I still remember you bought me a birthday cake on da first time we met. Only to find out later dat your birthday is 2 days after mine... Happy Birthday Moo Moo...

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In a way... Eating Puffer Fish is like eating Michaelangelo... Minus da poison...

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This gave me a big ass smile on my face a some serious goosebumps... This is fookin' GRAND mate!!!!...

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On season 1 of Game of Thrones, I caught myself anticipating Ned Stark to call da King, Bob. And da Queen to call da King, Bobby.

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I'm so screwed. I'll spend double da time on Game of Thrones just studying Peter Dinklage's genius performance as Lord Tyrion.

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Thanks for all da birthday wishes from all of you. I feel da love.

To make this birthday special, I'm gonna FINALLY start da 1st season of GAME OF THRONES DVD dat's been collecting dust in my shelf for over 4 years...

Sigh... Wish me luck...

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Any Tech Savvy folks know where I can buy an External Blu-ray DVD player other than Digital Mall?...

Guys... Satu lagi ini macam... Mau?...


...I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore...


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
April 16, 2009