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We're looking for an all-star programmer | 我們正在招募一個全明星程序員 | 我们正在招募一个全明星程序员


中文] Hi there, everyone. Alive Not Dead is looking to expand our team and bring on a much-needed, all-star programmer to help improve and build out the site. If you're a web programmer or know of one who is looking for a great position at a fun, growing company, please let us know. Let your qualified friends and acquaintances know as well. If you want to help us publicize this job post on public forums/post boards, feel free to message me and let me know first.

The position is located in Hong Kong, but we can help you relocate if necessary.##Senior Web Programmer (PHP/Mysql)

About AliveNotDead AliveNotDead ( alivenotdead.com) is an online community of artists (musicians, filmmakers, and more) centered around Asia and located in Hong Kong. Our goal is to allow artists of all levels to find and communicate directly with their fans and to help fans find new great artists as well as communicate and connect with other fans. We are building a social community similar to MySpace featuring artist profiles, blogs, photos, music downloads, and other communication tools with direct involvement by many artists. Our efforts are targeted at here in Asia but we aim to help our artists find fans abroad by offering both English and Chinese language versions of the site.

AliveNotDead.com is the creation of the founders of Rotten Tomatoes ( rottentomatoes.com), a leading movie web site and now a part of Fox Interactive Media (also the parent of MySpace) in partnership with various Hong Kong local artists. The team has a proven track record of developing and selling great Internet companies and is building another great Internet company with the new AliveNotDead web site.

More about the founders Patrick Lee:

http://www.alivenotdead.com/?rottendoubt http://www.linkedin.com/in/rottendoubt

Stephen Wang:

http://www.alivenotdead.com/?stephen http://www.linkedin.com/in/swang75

Terence Yin


Senior Web Programmer (PHP/Mysql), AliveNotDead.com Be the third full-time engineer in our small web-building team. We're looking for an all-star programmer who is enthusiastic and knowledgable about social communities.

*Work in a small team (two programmers and one designer) to help continue building the new AliveNotDead online community. *Be a vital voice in defining the featureset and roadmap of the web site in the coming years. *A minimum of two years experience programming in a LAMP (Linux, Apache, Mysql, PHP) environment. You don't necessarily need a Computer Science or Electrical Engineering degree, but you need to show us your abilties and drive by showing us both your job programming experience and your personal programming projects. *An independent, resourceful problem-solver who knows how to find the solution to anything. You might not know how to get something done at the beginning, but you're confident enough in your abilities to find a way of getting it done by the end. Criteria *This is not a 9-to-5 job (which hopefully you aren't searching for anyways). This is a mission to build something of long-lasting value that will eventually make you a star amongst your circle of friends. We'll all be working non-traditional hours and team members. *You will be required to put in the time necessary to get the work done. *You must completely obsessed with the online world and online communities. Do you spend more time online on social worlds like MySpace, World of Warcraft, Facebook, Gaia Online and others than in the "real world"? Do most of your conversations with friends (online, of course) usually start with "Do you know what REALLY bugs me with ?" This is a good starting point for fitting in with our team. Don't bother to apply if you're not prepared to show us your rigorously updated blog and or a frequent particiapant in online forums. *You must also have a deep and abiding love for music and movies. We're building an online community centered around music and movie artists. All of the founders are big movie and music fans and a big part of our lives away from work involve watching movies and seeing concerts, so this will greatly help you perform your role and feel a part of the team. *This position is located in Hong Kong. You must be able to speak either English or Mandarin Chinese. The ability to speak both is a plus. The ability speak Cantonese is a BIG plus. The ability to read and type Chinese is a BIG plus. If you are not currently located in Hong Kong, you must be willing to relocate. *We're looking for nice, ethical, smart people. We will keep the team small for as long as we need to so we need to know that we can trust our first few team members and enjoy working together for the long-term. Compensation We are a small team looking to do BIG things so we provide an ample and flexible sliding salary/equity scale. Also, we are willing to provide a relocation allowance to help you move to Hong Kong.

Interested? Please email jobs =at= alivenotdead.com.

We'd really appreciate it if you could also help us out by sending this out to your qualified friends. Thanks!


-- Admin, the programming bear...

Hi,各位!Alive Not Dead想要擴展團隊,招募一個非常需要的、全明星程序員來改進、建設我們的網站。如果你是網絡程序員,或認識某個想要加入一個有趣的成長中公司的合適人選,請聯系我們。告訴你符合條件的朋友或熟人。如果你想幫我們在其他公開論壇或留言版發佈這個職位,請先 發信息告訴我。



關於AliveNotDead AliveNotDead ( alivenotdead.com)是一個線上藝術家社區(音樂家、電影工作者等等),以亞洲為中心,公司設在香港。我們的目標是讓各類藝術家找到並和他們的粉絲直接溝通,也幫助粉絲發現新的很棒的藝術家,與其他粉絲交流。我們正在打造一個類似於MySpace的交友社區,功能有:藝術家空間、Blog、相冊、音樂下載和藝術家直接參與的其他溝通功能。我們目標在亞洲,也為了幫助藝術家找到海外的粉絲,網站提供了英文和中文兩種語言版本。

AliveNotDead是爛番茄網站( rottentomatoes.com)創始人開創的新事業。爛番茄網站是電影評論網站的佼佼者,福克斯互動媒體(旗下還有MySpace)的一部分,與眾多香港本地藝術家有合作關係。這個團隊有成功經營、售出互聯網公司的經驗,現正通過AliveNotDead網站打造另一個很有潛力的互聯網公司。

了解創始人 Patrick Lee:

http://www.alivenotdead.com/?rottendoubt http://www.linkedin.com/in/rottendoubt

Stephen Wang:

http://www.alivenotdead.com/?stephen http://www.linkedin.com/in/swang75

Terence Yin


AliveNotDead.com 高級網絡程序員(PHP/Mysql) 成為我們小小的網絡建設團隊的第三個全職程序員吧。我們正在招募一個全明星程序員,他要充滿熱情,對交友社區非常了解。

*在小團隊工作(2個程序員,1個設計員),一起建設新的AliveNotDead線上社區 *成為今後幾年網站新增功能和結構的主要設計者 *至少有2年在LAMP (Linux, Apache, Mysql, PHP)環境下的程序設計經驗。你可以沒有計算機科學或電子工程師的學歷,我們需要你展示在工作和個人規劃方面的能力和經驗 *能夠獨立、完善地解決問題。可能一開始你知道怎麼去做事情,但要有自信和能力找到辦法最後把事情完成 标准 *這不是朝九晚五的工作(希望你並非尋求這樣的工作)。這是實現長期價值、讓你在朋友中成為明星和不尋常人的一種使命。我們的隊員和工作都是非正常作息的 *一旦需要你必須投入時間完成工作 *你必須全心投入在網絡世界和在線社區。你是不是在線上社區如MySpace, 魔獸, Facebook, Gaia花的時間比現實生活還多?你在和朋友聊天(當然是線上)時是不是經常以”你知道現在困擾我的是<填入你的在線社區>”?那麼這是加入我們團隊的好開頭。如果你還沒有準備好向我們展示你經常更新的Blog和(或)經常參與的線上論壇,就先別提交你的職位申請。 *這個職位在香港工作。你必須要會英文或普通話,兩者都能說更好,能講廣東話更好,能讀和電腦輸入中文就更好。如果你現在不在香港,要做好準備來香港工作。 *我們尋找好相處、有責任心、聰明的人。我們盡可能長時間保持團隊的小規模,信任為數不多的最初的成員,享受長時間在一起工作的樂趣。 薪酬 我們是小團隊但要做大事,將本著公平的原則提供豐厚、有彈性的薪水。另外,如果你願意來香港工作,我們可以支付安家費用。

感興趣嗎?請發郵件給我們: jobs =at= alivenotdead.com



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Photo 22991
i love the bear...so cute :)
over 13 years ago
Photo 23799
Do the interns ever get to meet the cute Admin bear??? I wanna kidnap him for my own... ;) Wow, good luck with the hiring! Do you guys translate this all by yourselves, or do you guys have those programs that automatically do it for you in Chinese?
over 13 years ago
Stephen 93 stephen
The Admin Bear welcomes everyone who visits the Alivenotdead office. Most of translation is thanks to our wonderful editors, Jojo and Siubutdim (send them some love) when they have time apart from their editor duties.
over 13 years ago
Photo 23688
Aww man...I'd apply just to work with Admin Bear (actually, more so to work and live in Hong Kong) but alas, I am no computer programmer.
over 13 years ago
Photo 31353
一個一無所有傢伙, 這一生為alivenotdead效力! 給我個機會跟隨你們alivenotdead 學習!也許我不是最強的.但是我會最努力來學習的! A nothing guy. This life of alivenotdead effect! give me the opportunity to follow your alivenotdead learning! Perhaps I am not the strongest. But I will most efforts to learn! Mail:Oweiloveytao@tom.com
over 13 years ago
Photo 24063
i do interest.. but i am fresh graduated. can i apply?
over 13 years ago


Hi, I am Admin Bear and this is the alivenotdead.com company blog. hi,我是小編熊仔,這是 alivenotdead.com 公司的博客

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