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Blog safely! A new "autosave" feature and other site improvements|Blog安全啦!新推出的”自動保存”功能和其他改進

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Admin has been a BUSY BEAR! We've been cooking up a bunch of new improvements and there are two features which I think will make your time on Alive Not Dead alot easier.

First, we've setup a new "autosave" feature. If you've blogged for a long-time, then you know how frustrating it is to accidentally lose a blog entry because you leave the page or you accidentally delete stuff that you don't mean to. It's happened to me as well and it's really frustrating. As a consequence, we've added a new feature that will automagically save your blog entry every five minutes. This "autosave" feature will save your ongoing blog entry in your "drafts" folder where only you can access it.

The "autosave" is done quietly in the background while you're still typing so you don't need to do anything in order to have it work. Once you're done writing your entry, just click "Publish entry" and you're blog entry becomes public to everyone. If you DO happen to accidentally leave your blog entry without saving it beforehand, the blog system will stop you first and ask you if you REALLY want to leave without saving your changes. It works just like a regular word processor or like Gmail and hopefully it'll save you alot of frustration and lost time. If a bolt of lightning strikes your house and your computer suddenly shuts off, you can pickup from your last "autosave" point by going to My Profile => Blog=> Manage Blogs => Drafts.

So go forth and blog freely -- and don't worry about accidentally losing your wonderful blog writing because it's all "autosaved" to [alive not dead]. Do you like this feature as much as I do? Send your love to Eric for the great work.

The second feature I want to highlight will hopefully make it easier for you to search and find friends on Alive Not Dead. We've added new fields to the "Member Settings" page found under "My Profile" => "Settings" => "Member Settings".The new "Mobile number" and "Additional e-mail(s)" fields will make it easier for your friends to find you on [alive not dead].

You can provide your mobile number and any additional e-mails that you use (for instance, I have three emails that I've used in the past in addition to the one I registered on [alive not dead] with). This information is COMPLETELY private and NEVER shown to anyone else. However, people who know you can search for you using this information. Also, when they try to add you as a friend, they can verify that they REALLY know you by providing one of these pieces of information. This makes it easier for your REAL friends to add you in case they don't know your primary e-mail address. Thanks to Edward for adding the new fields.

Go now and try these new features out! If you see any problems, let us know in the Feedback and Suggestions forum.

Lots of fun and great stuff coming soon!


-- "I've been working too hard and now it's time for a NAP...", Admin Bear


小編熊仔好忙啊!我們剛剛出爐了兩個新功能,可以讓大家把Alive Not Dead用得更方便。


當你在寫Blog時並不需要打開”自動保存”功能,它在後台系統裏。一旦你寫完了,點擊”保存發佈”就發佈在你的空間了。如果沒有事先保存,要離開正在寫的Blog,系統會先阻止你,問你是否”真的確定”不保存就要離開,就象word或是Gmail的保存功能。希望這樣能減少你丟失文章的失落感和時間。如果有雷電擊中了你家或你的電腦突然斷電關閉,就可以從”我的空間”=>”Blog”=>”管理Blog”=> ”草稿箱”裏找到你的文章。

所以更隨意寫Blog吧—別担心你很棒的Blog會突然丟失,他們會”自動保存”到[alive not dead]。你也象我一樣喜歡這個功能嗎?給 Eric一些掌聲謝謝他的工作。Eric

第二個特別提出的功能,是為了讓你在Alive Not Dead更容易找到朋友。我們在”用戶設定”裏新添加了內容,在”我的空間”=>"用戶設定"=> "會員設置"裏,增加了新的項目”手機號碼”和”其他的電郵地址”,讓朋友更容易在[alive not dead]裏找到你。

你可以提供手機號碼和其他在用的郵件地址(比如我有3個郵箱,但我隻選擇了其中一個在[alive not dead]註冊)。這些信息當然是完全保密而且永遠不會讓任何人看到的。但是別人可以通過這些信息搜索到你。如果他們想要添加你為好友,可以輸入其中一些資料進行確認,這讓你真正的朋友更容易加你為好友,因為只有他們才知道你私密的郵箱地址。謝謝 Edward幫我們添加這個功能。

現在就去試用新功能吧!遇到任何問題,請到 ”反饋和建議論壇區”留言給我們。



-- ”工作得好辛苦啊,稍微休息一會咯…”,小編熊仔


小编熊仔好忙啊!我们刚刚出炉了两个新功能,可以让大家把Alive Not Dead用得更方便。


当你在写Blog时并不需要打开“自动保存”功能,它在后台系统里。一旦你写完了,点击”保存发布”就发布在你的空间了。如果没有事先保存,要离开正在写的Blog,系统会先阻止你,问你是否”真的确定”不保存就要离开,就象word或是Gmail的保存功能。希望这样能减少你丢失文章的失落感和时间。如果有雷电击中了你家或你的电脑突然断电关闭,就可以从”我的空间”=>”Blog”=>”管理Blog”=> “草稿箱”里找到你的文章。

 所以更随意写Blog吧—别担心你很棒的Blog会突然丢失,他们会”自动保存”到[alive not dead]。你也象我一样喜欢这个功能吗?给 Eric一些掌声谢谢他的工作。

第二个特别提出的功能,是为了让你在Alive Not Dead更容易找到朋友。我们在”用户设定”里新添加了内容,在”我的空间”=>"用户设定"=> "会员设置"里,增加了新的项目”手机号码”和”其他的电邮地址”,让朋友更容易在[alive not dead]里找到你。

你可以提供手机号码和其他在用的邮件地址(比如我有3个邮箱,但我只选择了其中一个在[alive not dead]注册)。这些信息当然是完全保密而且永远不会让任何人看到的。但是别人可以通过这些信息搜索到你。如果他们想要添加你为好友,可以输入其中一些资料进行确认,这让你真正的朋友更容易加你为好友,因为只有他们才知道你私密的邮箱地址。谢谢 Edward帮我们添加这个功能。

现在就去试用新功能吧!遇到任何问题,请到 ”反馈和建议论坛区”留言给我们。




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Photo 28042
What cute tired baby bear. I just wanna hug him and cuddle. Eh, you guys are ok too. Thanks for the work. Hope you can fix some of the things the Jet Li MBrs are having problems with. Get some sleep.
over 13 years ago
Photo 15891
Ha, can I let Kevan hug him?
over 13 years ago
Photo 5614
oOo... an autosave feature... I like that!! though I've only lost one blog entry from doing something (don't remember) I've seen some people posting that they lost a blog entry... so this is cool!! Applauding the Admin Bear!! =)
over 13 years ago
Photo 29585
Thanks very much this saved me having to type out in full again one I thought I had lost
over 13 years ago
Photo 23907
thanks admin bear^^ very cute napping position hehe
over 13 years ago
Photo 22997
Thx admin !!! = )
over 13 years ago
Photo 16258
Very cool! Thanks to everyone involved! Aww that Admin bear is such a poser too! haha
over 13 years ago
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Thanks! So are you guys finally sleeping now?
over 13 years ago
Photo 22475
yes autosave.. i was going to ask if we could have that.. . fabulous.. it seems as if something is changed each day on this site
over 13 years ago
Mark moran in spokane 920x920
yay bear!
over 13 years ago
Photo 23799
YAY Admin Bear!!! :)
over 13 years ago
Photo 23799
hey just realized narom's comment is the same as mine! oops... heehee :) oh well, great minds think alike!!!
over 13 years ago
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over 13 years ago
Rottendoubt a4 patrick
admin bear stole my bed!! =/
over 13 years ago
Fb img 1493569407689
Aww, admin bear is so cute!
over 13 years ago
Aoi terence c2 2012 01 07 17 dot 05 dot 04
admin bear お疲れ様
over 13 years ago
Photo 11131
Thanks a Million!
over 13 years ago
Photo 16258
Forgot to mention how convenient "Autosave" is for me. I've been using my sister's computer for the past few months and when she comes back home from being out all bloody night, the first thing she says is "Out, now!" and she literally expects me to close everything! I was half-way writing a blog yesterday night and realised how thankful I am for "autosave" :P
over 13 years ago
Photo 24673
wow! thanks for that, i had that experienced before in another site, and it sucks. when you've written too much already and suddenly my pc hanged. **hugs for the admin bear**
over 13 years ago
Photo 1967
Admin Bear rules the world!
over 13 years ago
Photo 13543
admin bear is the best!
over 13 years ago
Photo 32904
wow neat. please send me a message
over 13 years ago


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