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Ani-Com Day One... | 動漫節第一天…

The 9th annual 'Ani-Com' (Anime and Comics) / Game Fair convention is now underway in Hong Kong!  Its quite a big event that covers many different areas of pop culture - over the 5 day event they're expecting 500,000 attendees from all spectrums (anime fans, cosplayers, video game fans, comic book readers, toy collectors, 'otaku' etc). It takes up a floor in the HK Convention Center and is full of demo booths, vendor areas and a stage area featuring many performers throughout the day.

The first day just finished with a bang, with AnD musicians
Ryan Hui and Josie Ho playing on the main stage (with musical help from Audiotraffic's Don and Adrian and Hardpack's Kevin). To help get the word out about alivenotdead.com, AnD staff, artists and a team of dedicated volunteer members were there to canvas the area with fliers to pass out. 

Here are a few pictures from the event donated by Etchy:

| 第九屆香港動漫節/電玩展火熱進行中!作為一個跨越不同領域的大型展覽活動—5天內预计吸引超過50萬名參觀者(包括動漫迷、Cosplay者、遊戲迷、漫畫迷、玩具收藏愛好者、禦宅族等),動漫節占據了香港會議展覽中心的一整層樓,到處都是展臺和售貨區,還有一個整天都有演出的舞臺區。

第一天剛剛結束,真的很棒,AnD的音樂家 許懷欣何超儀在主舞臺演出(還有Audio traffic的Don和Adrian,以及Hardpack的Kevin)。為了幫忙推廣alivenotdead.com,AnD的工作人員、藝術家們和一群誌願會員都很努力的派發傳單。



| 第九届香港动漫节/电玩展火热进行中!作为一个跨越不同领域的大型展览活动—5天内預計吸引超过50万名参观者(包括动漫迷、Cosplay者、游戏迷、漫画迷、玩具收藏爱好者、御宅族等),动漫节占据了香港会议展览中心的一整层楼,到处都是展台和售货区,还有一个整天都有演出的舞台区。

第一天刚刚结束,真的很棒,AnD的音乐家 许怀欣何超仪在主舞台演出(还有Audio traffic的Don和Adrian,以及Hardpack的Kevin)。为了帮忙推广alivenotdead.com,AnD的工作人员、艺术家们和一群志愿会员都很努力的派发传单。


Stage area, fans started to gather early for the best position.

| 舞臺區,粉絲很早就開始聚集以占領有利位置

  | 舞台区,粉丝很早就开始聚集以占领有利位置

Fans for Grace Yip  with their light-up signs.

|  葉佩雯的粉絲舉著閃光牌

| 叶佩雯的粉丝举着闪光牌

Around 10:30 Ryan Hui took the stage

|  10點半 許懷欣登場

|10点半 许怀欣登场

He did a cover of Green Day too!

|   他表演了Green Day的歌

|  他表演了Green Day的歌 Josie Ho

Terence stops for photos with fans


|子维被粉丝拦住合影 The AnD team and volunteers were also joined by AnD artists Pat Lee and Aimee Chan!


Ryan, Bob, Pat, the other Pat (rottendoubt), Pat's nephew and Kevin Li | Ryan、Bob、Pat、另一個Pat (rottendoubt)、Pat的外甥和Kevin Li |Ryan、Bob、Pat、另一个Pat (rottendoubt)、Pat的外甥和Kevin Li Josie and Terence take a picture with the several of the AnD members who were kind enough to donate their time to help us promote the site!  All together we passed out 2000 fliers today!




(Admin bear is hesitant to try to start naming all the volunteers who came today, since he's afraid he'll leave someone out and get in trouble! Apologies!)

|( 小編熊仔很想把今天到場的所有誌願者名字一一列出來,可是很怕漏掉誰,那就糟糕了!抱歉!)


Thanks again guys, let's do it again tomorrow! Stephen and Pat Lee will be back for Saturday's events!

|再次感谢各位,我们明天继续! Stephen和Pat Lee会回来参加周六的展览!

UPDATE:  Etchy has edited up his video from the performances:


Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MOwpP3tNMxw Take a look at Etchy's blogs for more photos from Day 1: Part 1 - Part 2 |Etchy 的blog有更多照片哦Part 1-Part 2|Etchy 的blog有更多照片哦Part 1-Part 2

UPDATE 2: View Day 2's Photos | 第二天照片 The Complete Ani-Com photo album 此次動漫節全部照片 此次动漫节全部照片

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Photo 23924
damn, you are fast in blogging! i bearly got home! It was a funnnnn night! :) will post pics later.
over 13 years ago
Photo 1831
Looked like it was a lot of fun! Wow, that's awesome you passed out 2000 fliers!!! Great job!
over 13 years ago
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I'll be putting my pics (and some video!) online later today if i am lucky... just woke up!
over 13 years ago
Photo 15492
Yeh, it's a fun night and i'm glad to meet the AnD team and members. They are so nice. Sorry, I can't do it today coz I have a lesson and b-day dinner with my friends. See you next time.
over 13 years ago
Photo 6353
who's going on sunday? i just woke up and is exhausted...but it was really fun!
over 13 years ago
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over 13 years ago
Photo 33254
over 13 years ago
Photo 23799
cools! =) thanks for posting the pics for us to see...
over 13 years ago
Photo 15492
Damn, I missed it. I thought only on fri and sat. Jezz, will you go on mon or tue?
over 13 years ago
Photo 324
i like the caption, "...the other Pat..." hahaha!!! sounded like he's a copy cat!!!! *laugh laugh* Terence is always a sweetheart to take photo with fans...and tht's RAUL & JEZZJUNK!!!! glad you all have tons of fun!!!
over 13 years ago
Photo 6353
yuki, any of them going?
over 13 years ago
that was so much fun!!! Saturday was so crowded O.o And the fliers went out thanks to feminine help XD Sunday was a blast, such a cool concert, too bad I didnt see any of u there O.o Just came back from there again, business time..now fast lunch and out again!!! (this time for proper work)
over 13 years ago
Photo 15492
Jezz, I don't know, so問你law. HA HA.
over 13 years ago
Photo 23907
cool pics!
over 13 years ago
Photo 23300
so good i wish i am there sob sob i am in malaysia
over 13 years ago


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