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China Part II - Bye Mosquitoes Hello Cold

Well, the mosquitoes are actually still here, but the weather has suddenly gotten cold again so the mosquitoes are less active. Also, I just dont care about them as much now that I caught a cold, am sore from training, and sprained my ankle. Yay!

In good news, I went to this place called mian cool with WuDi and Li Jin Han. They have really high quality noodles and theres a famous dish that is a bowl of noodles, but its just one long strand of noodle. My buddy Marco from UCLA wushu met us up as well.

<...Read more

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Adventures in China part I - I hate mosquitoes

Its 4:30am. I just trained 6 hours yesterday. I have practice at 9am. I cant sleep. Why?

Fuckin Mosquitoes.

Read below (caution - lots of cussing on my part)

cantonkne es:  wtf ur up already?its only been four hours Sent at 1:16 PM on Thursday  me:  dudetheres mosquitoesi cant sleep  cantonkne es:  roflLOL  me:  no seriously  cantonkne es:  i laughed out loud  me:  i wanna kill them  cantonkne es:  why dont u  me:  actually i havei killed 4i cant fuckin find them all  cantonkne es...Read more

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I'm going going back back to china china..

Cant believe my flight is tonight. I am not even packed yet.

The last time I went back to train in china was 2007. I was in china for 3-4 days in 08 but it wasnt for training..

Now Im going back to BEIJING for a month.

AnD-ers holla at me if you are in Beijing!

Heres some pics from my 2007 trip. This was 2 years ago!?

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Dont F With Your Makeup Artist! Feat. Nicole + Grace Su aka Peachies

Behind the scenes footage of two models at a photoshoot.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=No-2NY2OP9Y Why you dont F with your makeup artist! =P

Cuz she will F your face up! haha

Thanks to Lina Okazaki the fabulous makeup artist and thanks to Leonard...Read more

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Clowns vs Ninjas Pictures!

Here are a couple stills from Clowns vs Ninjas.

See its all fun and games.... until someone gets their head split in two.

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Clowns vs Ninjas!

Remember a few weeks back when I said "who doesnt like ninjas?"

Well.. this is what I had in store.

I present to you...


Clowns Vs. Ninjas from Pitch Films on Vimeo.

I just came back from San Francisco. I was at WonderCon promoting Clowns vs Ninjas!

This was one of the funnest and most organized produc...Read more

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Looking to rent a room in alhambra/pasadena?

Can you guys help me spread the word? Looking for a roomie.

I have a room for rent in a 3 bedroom townhouse. Shower is adjacent to the room, but not connected. The room comes furnished with a bed, desk, and a closet. Covered parking is available.

All the rooms in the house are wonderfully lit in the day, so it always feels bright and cheery inside. The entire house has been upgraded with new washer and dryer, sinks, shower heads, fiber optic high speed internet / tv, kitchen appliances, and a flat ...Read more

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Last day of spike shoot + I should be asleep!

I have to be up at 4am and its 12:30am. NO GOOD!

Oh well.. here are 2 pics of me doing a speed/accuracy test smashing some pots with my wushu staff moves =P

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Happy Valentines Day! + Is Love Enough?

Happy Valentines Day from over here in LA.  haha

So my question of the night...

Is LOVE enough for 2 people to stay together the rest of their lives?

If you are different ages or have different morals or different dreams or come from different socio-economic backgrounds or have different cultures, etc.. BUT you deeply care about each other's well being.. is that all you need?

Post your thoughts!

Also, how do you define "love&...Read more

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Crazy Day + Awesome AnD Mixer

Today from the moment I got up until now, I have not stopped.

I woke up and rushed over to coach wushu practice then bought lunch to go so that I could meet up someone for a show/play rehearsal. I ate WHILE I was learning the choreography.

I would walk through it and then take a bite of my oyakodon (chicken rice and egg) in between beats!

Immediately after that I headed to Yardhouse for the AnD Mixer which was a great event. I was very pleased about this event because I got to meet a lot of old friends an...Read more

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