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Beard Head Mission Aborted, but I’m Still Going to the Olympics.

homie lyd my homie lyd

Crazy 24 hours. Beard Head mission aborted due to work visa issues.. so now I do not have an all expense paid trip to Vancouver.. but we had a 1 way non refundable ticket to Vancouver… also I had no place to stay.

So… all within 2-3 hours this morning I booked a one way return flight for Tuesday and found a place to stay. My fam friend Lyd is awesome and is gunna let me crash at her uncles place. Now I won’t be doing any work, but just taking in the sights of the Olympics. I also managed to get a little bit of work done today as well. I updated a thumbnail for wushukickson the 18th Annual CMAT martial arts tournament page (see it here! http://cmat.ucmap.org/) and handled vehicle registration and well as some other misc work.

I have to head to the airport soon.. in about 2 hours but anyways just wanted to do a quick update on my crazy winter olympics situation.

I hope to watch the men’s 1500m speed skating and or figure skating over the weekend.. but aside from that I will be playing everything by ear. Hopefully I’ll spend a few days with good friends and have a good time and come back in one piece. Cheers!



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* I am so happy for you * I wish I would have been there with you * I miss you * I am absolutely nuts about Figure Skating *
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enjoy yourself Alfred hope to see you back here have a good week and weekend peace mary
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Yeah, enjoy it bro...
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I love the Olympics. Athletes like you who pursue the sport for excellence sake. Even with all its commercialization it is still the only sports I watch with an open heart. I like to see US athletes win but I think I cry for everyone`s national anthem because I contemplate the sacrifice and effort that went into it....and the parents siblings friends and supporters who also sacrificed for that noble goal. :sniffle: Have fun. Anything you get to see will be at an Olympic skill level. Wow. Men`s long program tonight!
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Enjoy yourself at the Olympics, Alfred ... have a GREAT time there! :)
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